Top 8 WordPress Plugins You Need To Install in Canada

WordPress is well-endowed with a lot of features to make your website attractive and user friendly. But if you want your website to stand out from the rest in the industry, then you should install quality plugins. 

Thanks to WordPress’s fantastic flexibility, you can choose from a variety of plugins to upgrade your website. But there are too many plugins in the market, and to help you pick the best we have curated the list of preeminent plugins. 

The list comprises both free, and paid plugins. They are easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects much. We hope you find this list productive and helpful. 

Contact Form Plugins 

If you are interested in keeping your readers updated with the latest content on your website, then you are going to need a contact form to collect their details. This form will also help you generate leads for your venture. 

Contact Form 7: This plugin is available for free of cost and is quite purposive to create elementary contact forms. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, it has about five million installations already, making it a trustworthy plugin. 

Gravity Form: If you want to go a notch higher from the primary forms, then Gravity form is your go-to plugin. You have to pay US$59 a year to unlock their best features. The best part about this plugin is that you can easily incorporate it to software like MailChimp, which will aid you in conducting email campaigns. 

Security Plugins 

The audience visiting your website is going to be cautious of uploading their details if they believe that the website is not secure. There is a good chance of WordPress sites being a target of hackers. To ensure your website is not a victim to the malicious attacks; you should install a security plugin right away. 

Shield Security: This plugin is available in both free, and paid version. If you opt for the free version, you will get two-factor authentication and brute force login shield. With the paid version, you can get a lot of additional features at just US $1 per month. 

Astra Security: It is a paid security plugin to protect your website from malware. Astra Security will be beneficial to monitor your website during an attack at US$9 per month. 

SEO Plugins

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to draw organic traffic to your website, and advance the rank on the SERP. You will get a specific SEO score with the help of plugins, and you have to work towards making it maximum. 

Yoast SEO: Yoast has a free, and a paid version. By integrating Yoast in your website’s pages, and posts, you will be able to achieve the top spot on the SERP in no time. The paid version comes at US$89 per year for one website. 

RankMath: It is a relatively new plugin in the industry with some incredible features. RankMath is giving stiff competition to other plugins because it is available free of cost. Notably, the quick indexing feature is the best part of RankMath. 

Pro Tip: If your website is relatively new, then keeping a constant of high SEO scores will help your website gain recognition from Google much quicker. 

Cache Plugin

Website speed is essential to enhance the user experience. Visitors would hate loading the page multiple times, and having to wait for a longer duration. If you want to increase the website speed, then showing the visitors cached version of the site is a suitable option. We have done our research to present you with the best cache plugin. 

WP Rocket: The plugin is user-friendly, and your website will have lightning-fast speed once you have incorporated WP Rocket. There is no need for configuration because it will start working on the website immediately after you load it. 

You will also get the opportunity to customise the settings according to your preferences. There are different options such as CSS, and JS minification, optimising Google fonts, and XML sitemaps preloading. 

Since more people now use their smartphones to access websites, WP Rocket can customise the website for smartphone users as well. 

They offer different plans with one year of license. You can opt for a single license for one website at US$49, a plus license for three websites at US$99 or infinite permit for any number of websites at US$249. 

Schema Plugin

If you want your business to get a higher recognition on Google, then Schema is a must. It will convey detailed information about your page, reviews, and comments. Overall, it will boost the SEO score significantly. 

Schema Pro: This plugin stands out from the rest in the market because it can markup all the different types of pages. Most of the other schema plugins only markup selective pages. You have to pay US$59 per year. 

SMTP Plugins

You can manage the emails you have sent from your website with the aid of this plugin. Although WordPress offers its version of SMTP, it is not very advanced. With plugins, you can get a lot of perks.

WP Mail SMTP: People regard this as the most superior SMTP. You can use this plugin for free, and also integrate it with a variety of mailing software such as SendGrid. 

Page Builder Plugins

The recent updates of the WordPress editor are quite remarkable, but if you are still looking to develop it more to add new features to the page, then these plugins are going to be your go-to!

Ultimate Gutenberg Add Ons: You can add twenty-more features to the Gutenberg editor at no cost with this plugin. It is quite brilliant, considering that it is free. 

Thrive Architect: This page builder is a must for affiliate marketing websites or marketing of any type for that matter. You will be able to add some beneficial elements like comparison tables. Additionally, you can also track lead collection through a dedicated page. It will cost you about US$67 for one website. 

Elementor: You can customise every page of your website with Elementor. It doesn’t take into account the theme you are using, and you get to curate your website entirely. There are two versions of the Elementor, the first one is free, and the second one costs about US$49 per year. 

Lead Collection Plugins 

Leads are prospective clients who are most likely to become customers. You can now collect all the information of the leads using subtle, and supreme forms. It is crucial to do this because staying in contact, and updating your lead can help you get business from them.

Thrive Leads: This plugin offers you more than ten types of forms. You can integrate it with all the trending mailing software such as Aweber and MailChimp. It is also very affordable; you have to pay US$67 for one website. The payment is one time only. 


This list comprises all the top-quality and awesome plugins which you can use to expand your business. Plugins are crucial because they will help you in generating more leads, attracting organic traffic, improving the look of your website and enhancing the SEO rank. So go ahead and play around with these plugins!

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