Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online For Canadians

Are you looking for opportunities to generate passive income online? Then this article is going to benefit you. We are going to introduce you to five great methods to generate money online. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially promoting the affiliate products via your unique affiliate link. Every time a person purchases with your connection, the seller will get the notification in the system, and you will receive a commission. 

The stablest way to start affiliate marketing is to set up your blog in a designated niche. You can then share the link of the affiliate products related to the blog in your write-ups and external platforms such as forums and Reddit. Email marketing and social media pages are also going to help you expand your user base and attract prospective customers. 


You can start an eCommerce store without having to stock the products practically. Essentially, every time you receive the order, you alert the manufacturer or retailer, who will ship it to the customer under your brand name. It will save a lot of money on capital. 

Freelance Writing

If you know your way around with words and are passionate about writing, then freelancing is an excellent choice to take up. You can sign yourself up on different freelancing platforms, create an attractive profile, and wait to receive requests from clients. You have to prepare the content and revise it before submitting it. After the approval, you can enjoy the extra bucks. You don’t have to manage a website, which is an advantage.

Pinterest VA

You can earn via Pinterest by signing up for the role of Virtual Assistant. As a VA, you will work closely with brands, websites, businesses, and creators to expand their online presence and reach. 


You only require a camera and an internet connection to start a YouTube channel. On YouTube, you can perform affiliate marketing by creating videos based on using a particular product and mentioning the link in the description box. After you achieve a certain amount of hours viewed, you can monetize the channel and start earning from the advertisements. 


To familiarise with the digital industry trends and learn all the tips and tricks, you should get training from the field’s preeminent mentors. 

We recommend you to sign up with training programs from Savage Affiliates and Ecom Elites. To learn all about affiliate marketing, and dropshipping respectively.

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