Top 5 Platforms to Create Online Courses

The advent of technology has enabled people to access loads of information sitting anywhere in the world. Moreover, in today’s world, where it became difficult for the world to function normally due to the dangerous pandemic, we realized the benefits of technology in education and related services. Online platforms came as a boon to bridge the gap between teachers and students. Also, it provided the liberty to students to learn from anyone they wished and enabled instructors to impart their skills and knowledge around every corner of the world. 

 In this article, we have listed the top 5 platforms that can help you create courses and monetize them without the need to spend extra dollars to create a website.

If you have a zeal for sharing knowledge and want to mint money using this passion, then is one of the best platforms you can look forward to. This platform is very popular among people because of its ease-of-accessibility, and one can create an unlimited number of courses using the resources available on this platform. 

You don’t need to worry about getting any specific multimedia devices as this platform can be accessed via any device like tablets, iPad, smartphones, or computers. You can design your websites using pre-existing templates or adding your customized content.

Now, let us talk about the pricing of this platform. When you join this platform, you’ll be given a trial period of 14 days to get a demo of all the features of the platform before you spend any money. You can upgrade your subscription if you are satisfied with its interface and functioning. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can keep up with the free plan. It will limit your usage to 1 admin user, and for any purchases made by students, you will be charged a commission of $1 + 10%. 

This platform provides you the following three subscriptions plans to choose from:

  • The basic plan begins at $29 a month in which only 2 admin users will be allowed, and for each of your courses purchased, you will be charged 5% of the fee. 
  • The next is the professional plan, which will cost you $79 a month and allows up to 5 admin users. Under this plan, you won’t be charged any transaction fees, unlike the free and basic plans.
  • The final plan is the business plan costing $399 a month. This entire plan allows as many as 100 admin users to access the platform without any transaction fees. 

Among all the mentioned plans, the professional plan is the most sought after because of its budget and the fact that no transaction fees are involved. So, if you want to sell a few courses per month, it is advised to upgrade to the professional plan to avoid the high transaction fees of the free and basic plan. 

On number 2nd, we have an online platform that enables instructors to impart knowledge with fun and engaging courses. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to include upsells and coupons within the courses for added benefits. You can create unlimited courses and make them more interactive by creating a social media community. You can also customize your courses into different languages to target a broader learning audience. offers you a diversified way to teach your courses with its vast options for customizations. They will provide you templates for designing your website and liberty to access the content via any multimedia device like smartphones or iPad. You can generate leads, track lead conversions, and get assistance from their marketing team for scaling up your course. 

Under this program, you’ll be provided a free trial period of 30-days, and after that, you can select any one of the following subscriptions available.

  • The lowest order or the starter plan is based around $29 a month. You can also make an annual one-time payment for $24 a month. It will allow only 1 admin user with a $5 transaction fee. 
  • Next, we have the pro-plan, which will cost you $99 per month or $79 a month if you choose to make a one-time annual payment. You will not be charged any transaction fees for any purchases. This plan allows up to 5 admin users. 
  • Lastly, for $299 a month comes the learning centre plan, allowing 20 admin users to access the platform. You can make an annual payment, which will cost you $249 a month. This plan includes no transaction fees. 

If you want to get started with online teaching without the hassle of learning the technicalities of digital platforms, then Teachery is the most suitable option for you. With its straightforward and sophisticated interface, your courses can be set up in no time. 

With the help of real-time statistics and pictorial representations, you can analyze the progress of the students and further enhance your courses to improve the results. 

As for the subscriptions, you’ll first get a 2-week trial period to check out the platform’s features and figure out if they suit your taste. Then, if you want to upgrade your membership, you can do so by making a payment of $49 a month. You’ll get the features to create unlimited online courses, including upsells, coupons and discounts. You can create landing pages, customer support team and also export the data from the platform. 

To save the costs, you can opt for the yearly payment method, which will cost you $470 annually, and you’ll not be charged any commission, regardless of the mode of payment. This platform’s biggest attraction is that there is no transaction fee involved with creating countless courses. That makes this program a complete value for money.

Another platform that provides a ground-breaking opportunity to the people who have a zest for teaching is The platform provides users a means to monetize their content and customize the courses however they want. 

On joining this program, you’ll get a free plan that will allow you to create only 3 courses. If your target is more than that, make sure to upgrade to the paid memberships, which also come with lots of perks. 

  • For starters, the basic plan is billed annually and costs $49 a month. This plan allows only 1 admin user to access the account. 
  • The next is the pro and growth plans, both of which allow a total of 7 administrators. Out of these 7, only 5 can teach content, and 2 can access the admin accounts. These plans cost $99 a month also billed annually. 

The difference between the pro and growth plan is that, after the first 100 students for free, the growth plan will charge you 10 cents for every student. 

  • Last of all, the premier plan with the total admin capacity of 55 out of which  50 can access the account as teachers and 5 of them are meant to be site admins. This plan will cost you $499 for a year. 

All of these pricing plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee to help you make a wise and practical decision.

The last of the top five is, which is one of the most trusted online course-creating and selling platforms by users. It gives users all the necessary tools and technologies to help users create the most engaging and interactive courses for students. You can design your store and customize it to cater to the needs of your target audience. Users can create unlimited courses that can be downloaded an unlimited number of times under their subscription plans. 

This platform provides two plans you can subscribe to, namely, movers and shakers. 

  • The ‘movers’ is the basic plan, which will cost you $38 monthly, or you can avail of a discount of $78 by subscribing annually. This plan has a limited number of features like unlimited curses, unlimited clienteles, and unrestricted sales. 
  • Next is the ‘shakers’ plan, which comes with an annual fee of $158 or $79 a month. This plan comes with the included benefits of the mover plan and added benefits for the user, including affiliate links, membership plans for students and blogging. 

These plans allow you the necessary benefits for scaling up your store like e-mail marketing, no commission, all round the clock customer service and many more.

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