PureVPN Review – Is This the Best VPN Service Out There?

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have always come in handy to access blocked or restricted web pages on one’s server. With the increase in the requirement of privacy across the internet, the demand for a good VPN has also increased in today’s world. With so many VPN providers in the current market, how do you know if a VPN is good?

An ideal VPN should be budget-friendly and provide all the extensive features without asking you to spend much. It should support all the encryption protocols and run smoothly in the background without affecting your connectivity across different servers. 

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the most sought-after VPNs called PureVPN. We will tell you all about its pricing plans; it’s important features, effectiveness, and a lot more. 

So, if you are eager to know if PureVPN is the best VPN service or not, let us dive in to find it right now!

About PureVPN

Founded in 2006, PureVPN is one of the oldest VPN service providers in the world. The users have trusted it for offering them superlative security and anonymity, unlike other VPN providers, which can be subjected to surveillance by government agencies and reveal client information compromising the user’s privacy. 

In today’s scenario, this VPN service provider has gained much trust from users worldwide and expanded its base to over 140 countries with more than 6500 VPN servers in total. With so many servers worldwide, one can definitely vouch for the quality and the speed of internet connectivity they provide.

Now let us take a closer look at all the features of PureVPN.

Pricing Models of PureVPN 

If you expect a free trial, you’d be disappointed as most of the genuine VPNs don’t come with a free trial these days. This is because people exploit this liberty of the free-trial period, like switching to another service once the trial period is over. However, they have an excellent refund policy that we will discuss further.

PureVPN is one of the most affordable VPN services you’ll come across. It comes with a monthly subscription of $10.95 without any additional taxes like GST or VAT.

The 2-year subscription saves you a lot of money as it is priced at $69 for 2-years or $2.19 per month. 

You can also purchase the subscription for this VPN at the time of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, which comes at $1.99 per month for a total of 5-years. 

Does PureVPN Come with a Refund Policy?

Suppose you are dissatisfied with the services of PureVPN; what should you do?

They have a full-fledged 31-day refund policy. You can go onto their site, log into your PureVPN account and lodge a ticket in their refund request section. All you need to do is provide a reason for discontinuing their services, and you’ll be done.

Keep in mind that this refund policy is solely applicable for the period of the first 31-days after which you cannot expect to get your money back. Although, you will be billed at the end of the next cycle, where you can choose to cancel your membership, and your subscription will be discontinued. 

There is also an option for canceling your account, which requires you to fill a cancel account form, and the work is done.

All these processes are very simple and straightforward, making it easier for the user to choose. 

Working of PureVPN 

The primary purpose of a VPN is to secure your connectivity across a public network. 

For this, you first need to install the PureVPN software on your device. When you open it, you’ll find the options to enable and disable the VPN. 

Whenever you want to access the internet securely or want access to a restricted website, you can enable the VPN connection, which will encrypt your network and establish a secure connection between your ISP and the respective server. 

A VPN allows you to choose from various servers across the world, and then you can access that country’s content without being identified as a foreigner. Many digital platforms like Netflix and amazon prime have different catalogs for different countries. If there is a movie you want to see, but it’s unavailable in your country’s catalog and available in the USA, you can switch your server to the US and watch whatever you want. 

Does PureVPN Log Your Activity?

The best part about PureVPN is that they do not log user activity. One of the biggest reasons for their ability to provide such a secure and trusted VPN service is the location of their headquarters. Their headquarters are located in Hong Kong, which means that it cannot be accessed by other government agencies of other countries easily. 

PureVPN comes with a No-Log Certification, which means that their servers do not keep a record of any user browsing activities, IP addresses, browsing histories, and DNS requests. That makes PureVPN highly secure over other shared VPN providers as it can never compromise on user information. 

On What Platforms Can You Use PureVPN?

PureVPN is available across various operating systems and platforms. Also, its mobile application can be installed free of cost. 

You can access PureVPN across these popular platforms and OS:

  • Windows 7,8 and 10
  • Mac OS
  • Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Android, iOS, Huawei OS
  • Android TV, Amazon TV
  • Linux, Routers

And many more. 

Maximum Device Capacity for Using Pure VPN

PureVPN allows a maximum of 5 devices to access its services via a single subscription. All of this comes at a very reasonable cost and does not compromise, providing the best user experience. 

How Many Servers Does PureVPN Offer?

At present, the servers of PureVPN are spread around the world in 6 continents, across 140+ countries, including countries with restricted internet policies like China and Afghanistan. They provide a robust internet connection with access to a plethora of otherwise inaccessible content via more than 2000 servers operating at a single time. 

Can You Use This VPN for China?

Yes, if you want to access content about China, you can definitely tune in to PureVPN. It is one of the very few VPNs that provide access to the Chinese servers. And you can also access outside content within China via the PureVPN service provider. In China, PureVPN headquarters are located in Shanghai and Beijing. You can connect to any of these servers and view whatever you want. 

Can You Unlock Any Site Using PureVPN?

If you want to view any geo-restricted site by your IP, you can use any one of the servers located in more than 140 countries to access your desired content. 

Suppose if you want to access a website that is restricted by your IP but available in the UK, you can connect yourself across the various VPN servers located in the UK and get immediate access to that content. 

The problem arises when you need to sign up for accessing a particular website as they require local payment methods or cards to provide you access. Therefore, it is advised to access only free websites as websites with paid subscriptions are very less likely to be unlocked by a VPN. 

Can You Use Netflix USA with PureVPN?

If you wish to access Netflix content available in the Netflix USA catalog, then don’t fret cause PureVPN has got you covered. You can log in to your PureVPN account and select the Netflix USA option from the drop-down menu. After this, you can access your favorite Netflix USA shows from your existing account without any hassle. 

Can PureVPN Leak Your DNS Records?

When you use PureVPN, you’ll be given the liberty to choose whether to permit or restrict the DNS Leak Protection to protect your DNS query records. In case you choose to permit them, your DNS requests won’t be shared to your Internet Service Provider instead managed by DNS servers of PureVPN itself. This will ensure your complete anonymity across the web, and the transferred data will also remain completely secured. 

If you want to check the authenticity of their DNS servers that whether they leak any records or not, you can feel free to take a DNS Leak Test, and we assure you that you will hardly find any complaints. 

This proves that the PureVPN is very safe and secure to keep your information under the lights while providing you access to content across various platforms. 

Does PureVPN Come with a Dedicated IP?

The benefits of having a dedicated IP is that it enables you to easily access websites from servers at any required time without changing the DNS settings. It improves the speed of your websites and allows you to access the website with more security. 

And you can also get a dedicated IP with PureVPN with a cost of $0.99 monthly charged along with your standard plan. An extra $ 23.76 is charged if you are opting for a dedicated IP with your 2-year subscription. 

With so many benefits for such an affordable price, one should definitely not miss getting a dedicated IP.

How Much the PureVPN DDoS Cost?

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks can be a hassle for users as it hampers the functionality of the website by clogging it with unwarranted traffic. 

If you want to improve your network speed and prevent any DDoS attacks, you can opt for getting DDoS protection under PureVPN’s premium plan. It comes at an additional monthly cost of $0.99 and is appropriate for users who are more susceptible to being attacked by cyber-criminals.

Does PureVPN Come with Port Forwarding?

For adding an extra layer of security to your IP address, you can add on the port forwarding feature for $0.99 per month. It will help you access any device that is connected to the web from across the world. 

Benefits of Using PureVPN

PureVPN’s overall features can leave anybody impressed. Let us now take a look at some advantages that you can expect if you use this software:

Provides support to all protocols

This feature is specifically beneficial to those users who need some extra security and privacy. PureVPN provides your device protection across all the possible attack points like hackers. With PureVPN, you can expect to get support for all the major protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP and IKEV2.

Provides 256-bit encryption

To make sure that your data is protected and secure, PureVPN comes with an AES 256-bit encryption. This feature is quite impressive as it lets you access sensitive data with complete anonymity of your IP addresses, providing you advanced protection.

Gives access to boundless torrenting

If you are someone looking for a good VPN that will let you access torrent servers without any restrictions, then rest assured because PureVPN’s servers provide unrestricted torrenting features. Just go to Select Mode and enable it and enjoy torrenting as much as you want. 

 As you know, they are zero log certified, so you don’t have to worry about any of your information getting into the wrong hands. 

Top-notch features 

You have already read above about all the advanced features you can access with the PureVPN service, such as port forwarding, DDoS protection, DNS protection and dedicated IP, all for a very minimal additional cost.

You’ll be pleased to know about another feature of this VPN, which is entirely original. You will find a feature called the ‘Internet Kill Switch,’ which comes in quite handy in case of emergencies. Whenever you feel like your VPN disconnects for unknown reasons, you can check this option to kill your internet connectivity. 

Prompt customer support 

In case of any problem or queries, you can take help from their customer support live chat. It is an automated response chat, but in case of any grave issues, you’ll be able to get your queries resolved in no time.

Also, if you want, you can log a ticket via the billing area. 

Therefore, their customer service is quite prompt and assuring. Their team handles the problem very professionally to provide you the best user experience. 

Supports all the primary Netflix servers

PureVPN is known for providing quality service in everything they do. And they maintained their level with Netflix services by providing you access to all the main Netflix servers, i.e., the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. You can access all these servers smoothly without any significant outage issues. 

Can you get discount coupons for PureVPN?

PureVPN doesn’t provide any significant discount coupons, and any website that lures you off to such offers is an affiliate trying to make money from sales. 

Therefore, if you want genuine updates regarding the pricing of different plans and any subsequent price drops, make sure to keep a check on the PureVPN website. You will get information regarding all the genuine sales, promo codes and offers through their website itself. 

Final verdict: Should you go for PureVPN?

After analyzing all the features and pricing models for PureVPN, we can indeed say that it is one of the best VPN services available in the current market. It is very affordable, and all the advanced, additional features can also be bought at the additional price of a dollar. 

Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that it is zero log certified, which makes your identity and activity completely anonymous over the web. You can access Netflix servers from almost all the major countries without any significant issues. It enables you to do unrestricted torrenting without the risk of any information being leaked. 

As for the payment methods, PureVPN accepts payment from your standard debit or credit cards, PayPal, Alipay and Bitcoin.

Therefore, we are safe to say that PureVPN is undoubtedly an amazing VPN provider providing you access to servers from around 140 countries without being a burden on your pocket. 

Is there a better alternative for PureVPN?

PureVPN surely comes in the top-tier of VPN service providers, but if you still want to know about a better VPN service, it is undoubtedly ExpressVPN. This VPN is one of the elites due to its broad base of servers across 160 cities and embedding all the features for advanced security and protection. They provide smooth access across all Netflix servers, and you’ll never find issues with your speed going haywire, thanks to the extensive network of servers they provide.

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