Multi-Level Marketing Canada: All details, legalities, and alternatives

Multi-Level Marketing is often mentioned as MLM and is one of the customary work options people choose to generate income via a digital medium. It is very inclusive because people with minimal or no experience can also earn from this process. 

It often appears to people that MLMs have a 100% success rate because there are advertisements and testimonials all over the internet which have stories about people earning a bountiful income using the MLM strategy. 

Why is Multi-Level Marketing a customary choice? 

There are multiple reasons why Multi-Level Marketing continues to be a preferred choice, and we have listed all the valid points below:

  1. The products are ready beforehand 
  2. Provides with additional commissions and rewards 
  3. Gives insight into new marketing materials 
  4. Some programs offer mentorship, which is benefitting for a marketing career 
  5. The packages have an incredible pay scale 

Many people love the flexibility this business model provides. The regular 9-5 jobs are very monotonous and don’t offer time to be creative or participate in recreational activity. MLM can be done at your convenience, and you can choose the time frame and the number of hours you want to dedicate each day. 

But these are speculations and what the system looks like from the outside. If you want to jump into MLM’s world, this article will provide you with honest insight and provide alternative multi-level marketing options. We also have found some exciting programs which you might be keen on enrolling so stick with us till the end. 

The working mechanism of Multi-Level Marketing

There is some similarity between multi-level marketing and traditional marketing. In both cases, the commodity is sold by a business. The mechanism of how the product is sold is different in the two cases. 

Regularly, products are sold from the retail outlets, but only authorized, and independent distributors sell the products in multi-level marketing. There are numerous ways how distributors of the MLM firms can make money; here are a few examples for your comprehension:

  • Receive a direct commission from the sales they make
  • Receive commission if the team members under them make sales 
  • Hiring new members for the firm 
  • Performance-based bonuses and rewards 

Are MLMs legal in Canada? 

Yes, MLM is a legal business model in Canada, but there are a few restrictions to protect the people from falling into Ponzi schemes and money laundering traps. Typically, MLM’s pyramid scheme is not allowed in Canada, and legal action will be taken against the people practicing this scheme. 

Illegalities and Faux Schemes

While MLM is a legal way of making money, many people try to use this name for practicing the pyramid scheme, which isn’t a legitimate way of earning. You have to be cautious of these people and never get involved with the companies that practice pyramid schemes. It is easy to get tricked into it, so complete your background research before starting. 

Pyramid Schemes may appear to be a part of multi-level marketing, but their intention is different. The pyramid scheme’s main agenda is to recruit new people into the company rather than sell the products. 

Most of these companies do have commodities, but they are overpriced. The products are kept for name-sake to give it a real business look. They charge very high entry fees for newly recruited people. It is labeled for different reasons like products and services. It is how they earn a lot of cash in a short span. 

The legitimate MLM companies focus on building long term relationships and increasing their sales while these faux companies want to earn a bountiful without doing anything. People who get into the pyramid schemes often go into debt because they come out with less money than when they started. There are various situations where people have lost all of their life savings because they were prey to these firms’ malicious lies. 

But don’t be disheartened. There are genuine MLM companies that offer responsible roles with the right pay scale. 

Making Money with MLMs

Not everyone is cast for every position. You have to understand the responsibilities before you take up a role. The firms rely on distributors to reach out to potential customers who sell the products to make money. 

There are two skills in particular which will prove to be useful for this role:

  1. Sale Skills: If you are outspoken, extroverted, and can convey the point across to the potential buyers, then you will achieve quick success in this role 
  2. Expanding social circle: You need to have a colossal friend circle and an expanding social circle with new additions from time to time. It is crucial because you cannot market to the same set of people every time. They might get annoyed if you persistently ask them to buy stuff. 

It would be best to make sure that the products are useful and are of good quality. If the products aren’t up to the standards, then no amount of marketing will help. It will also tarnish your image if you market low-quality things. You have to maintain credibility and recommend the good stuff.

Debugging myths around MLMs

MLM qualify as a proper business

The company that makes these products is a business, but the distributors aren’t exactly businessmen. They are into generating leads and sales. MLMs are branded as business opportunities to encourage more people to enter the field, but that doesn’t make the independent distributors owners of a business. It is to target the audience who wants to start their enterprise. 

MLMs are a source of passive income.

In the beginning, people believe that if you recruit an excellent sales team, you don’t have to sell the products yourself. After the juniors sell the products, you will benefit from the commission without having to work hard. It isn’t the real scenario because it will take ample time for this to pan out. You can still spot many executives conducting sales despite being at very high positions with a good working experience to achieve their targeted amount. 

There are monthly goals which you have to achieve as well. It isn’t a free system entirely because then everyone would sign up and do as they please. A little binding keeps the sales team dedicated. 

Alternative Options to MLM

After reading the previous segment, you would have gotten an idea about MLM and if it is the right fit. If MLM’s suit you, then you should go ahead and start working on it. If you believe that the field isn’t right for you, we have some alternative options you would like to take up instead. 

Start an eCommerce store.

There is a rising demand for online businesses because you can purchase products from the comfort of your home. Although it will be very consuming to set up the online store, it will generate a decent income. 

It takes prolonged periods for the business to take off because customers should be familiar with the brand image and gain trust. If you are putting in all the energy since day one, you can quickly build a sustainable business. You can build an eCommerce store in minutes by registering with websites like Shopify. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Don’t want to bother yourself with shipments and customer service? Affiliate marketing is an excellent career option to pursue. You have to market the existing products of various brands that offer an affiliate program. These brands can be discovered on affiliate networks and Search Engines. After registering with the brands, you will get an affiliate link for the products you wish to market. 

Share them across your website, social media handles, and YouTube channel. Whenever someone makes a purchase using your unique link, you will get a commission from the merchant. 

Amazon offers one of the preeminent affiliate programs, which is very easy to understand, and the registration process is hassle-free. You will also get all the requisite tools from the business owners to track your performance. 

Sign up with the fantastic training program offered by Savage Affiliates to learn all about affiliate marketing. You can start making over $5000 in one day if you follow the strategies and techniques recommended by Savage Affiliates. They have a comprehensive training program that covers other concepts like increasing organic traffic and boosting SEO score. 

Savage Affiliates also provide done-for-you tools so that you can have some practice beforehand. They even teach a particular email marketing module to earn through successful and attractive email campaigns. 


It is a relatively fresh concept and is a cost-effective model. You can sell the products from various manufacturers and retailers without a physical store. The most prominent perk is that you don’t have to invest any money in storage, electricity, and handling. 

After the customer places an order via your firm, you will pay the retailer/manufacturer for the product. Next, he will directly ship the order to the address with your brand identity, and you will receive the customer’s payment. You don’t have to worry about shipments either because the manufacturers do it. All you have to do is set up an eCommerce store and increase your brand visibility and reach. 

To learn all about dropshipping, sign up with Ecom Elites; they provide the best course on dropshipping and are ranked in this domain. Ecom Elites has gained a lot of recognition and appreciation because of its fantastic student testimonials and high success rate. You can start making over 10,000 USD in the first month itself. Learning is always beneficial, and with the fluctuating trends of the industry, excellent mentorship can come in handy. 


MLMs are legal, and if you are endowed with the right skill set, you can start earning quickly. But there is a significant probability that unfair schemes like the pyramid schemes exist. Determining the authenticity of MLMs can be challenging. If you are determined to take up MLM, then do thorough research and be cautious.

 On the other hand, the alternative options mentioned in this article have a straightforward approach, and there are seldom chances that unlawful practices can occur in these fields. They also give you more flexibility and space to work. We hope this piece was enriching and paved the way for new avenues to come.

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