How to Start a Dropshipping Business With Low Capital In Canada

Are you looking to start your enterprise with minimal investments? Then you have come to the right place. With Dropshipping being more accessible to Canadians during the present times, it opens paths to new avenues. 

Americans have achieved new heights of success with this method, and it is now more approachable in Canada. If the concept is entirely fresh to you, don’t worry at all. In this article, we will explain to you all about dropshipping and assist you in getting started. 

So without further ado, let us open the path to a new avenue!

The working mechanism of Dropshipping 

It is relatively simple to grasp the concepts of drop shipping but to set up the business, and earn profits requires a lot of hard work. You are supposed to have partnerships with wholesale retailers or manufacturers whose goods you want to sell. The only difference here from the usual collaboration is that you don’t need a physical location to store the products. 

You can set up an e-commerce website or put the products up for sale on platforms like Amazon. Once the customer places the order, you have to pay the seller the wholesale price. He will, in turn, ship the parcel to the customer. 

Majority of the time, your customer will not be aware of the fact that the product is coming from a different place. They receive it with the illusion that the work belongs to your brand. 

How to Start Dropshipping in Canada? 

The most crucial part of dropshipping is creating an online presence. There are numerous companies which specialise in developing drop shipping platforms, the preeminent one being Shopify eCommerce. 

Amazon and eBay have multiple partners for dropshipping purposes. You will get many additional features for the ease of doing business. 

It is entirely on you to decide which option is the best suited for you. Read the guidelines thoroughly for all the options before making the final call. It will help you in gaining a comprehensive outlook.

Who are the DropShippers that work with Candian sellers?

Before you sign a contract, study the terms carefully. A lot of wholesale suppliers levy extra charges to cover additional expenses such as shipping. They might also charge this nominal fee to cover the cost of buying a large number of products at wholesale rate. 

It is common to have these expenses but always be careful. Just because a supplier asks for the extra bucks, it doesn’t mean it is a fraud. But there could be an instance where the supplier is trying to extract money for personal benefits.

How to Find Dropshippers in Canada?

There are always individual business deals which are solely between you and the company. However, this isn’t the choicest option among people. The best way to approach drop shippers is through the directory. 

People prefer to go with the directory because they will get a whopping number of products and additional services. To help you commence, we have a list of reputable companies below:

SaleHoo Canada: If you aren’t very confident about dropshipping for a long duration, you can get hands-on experience with the free trial. SaleHoo has about two million goods, plenty of drop shippers, and the supplier takes care of shipping. 

World Wide Brands: The Better Business Bureau has accredited World Wide Brands with an A+. Also, you can approach close to ten-thousand drop shippers. 

Wholesale2B: If you are looking for products to sell across multiple platforms, this is the perfect place. You can choose from the given list of plans according to your convenience and sell from about 1.5 million products. They have a free trial opportunity available, and they ship to most parts of the world. It allows you to globalise your little venture. 

Benefits of Dropshipping 

There are numerous reasons why people prefer dropshipping over the traditional business, and we have curated a list of them below:

  • The quantity of products doesn’t matter to you because you don’t have to store it. It eliminates the problem of hoarding. 
  • The entire process of shipping is taken care of by the suppliers. You don’t have to participate in the process of shipping. 
  • With the ease of exporting to several countries, you can expand your brand and get global recognition. 
  • The platform to sell on is of your choice. Suppose you are not comfortable with owning a website due to technical difficulties or time constraints you don’t have to. There are external platforms available to get the work done. 


Dropshipping is a hassle-free online venture to help you earn money online. The field is on the rise, and it will be a great source of passive income as well. We hope this article aided you in getting a clear insight into the world of dropshipping.

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