How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in Canada

If you are looking for alternatives to increase your total income and generate multiple passive income sources, you have reached the appropriate place. 

The globe is going digital, and making money online has become an efficient, sustainable, and profitable income source. But there are numerous methods through which you can generate revenue online. To save your time, we have researched and discovered that affiliate marketing is the best way of making money online in Canada. In this piece, you will know all the details about affiliate marketing and an insight into a renowned course to help you get started. 

Before we jump into the process of making money online, let us understand what affiliate marketing means. Essentially in affiliate marketing, you have to promote affiliate products with your unique link called the affiliate link. If the customer purchases the commodity using your link, you will get a commission from the business owner. This product doesn’t always have to be a commodity; it could even include services, membership or subscriptions. 

Why affiliate marketing is a great business choice? 

There are a plethora of reasons which make affiliate marketing stand out from the rest of the methods in the industry, and we have jotted down all the crucial reasons:

  1. You don’t have to spend money on capital, purchase goods, or worry about additional charges such as electricity bills, rent, and so on. 
  2. You can handle most of the work in affiliate marketing, so you don’t require a team, which means you don’t have to pay people. 
  3. Unlike other eCommerce businesses, you don’t have to spend money on product testing because your role is to market the commodity. 
  4. Additionally, you don’t have to ensure timely delivery, refunds, and customer support.

Steps to get started with affiliate marketing 

Are you feeling a little jittery about starting? To help you start in the world of affiliate marketing, we have designed a few steps which you should follow to kick-start your venture. 

Pick a Niche 

You have to pick a niche to start your journey, and this step can be a little confusing. The spectrum of niches to choose from is broad. It could be your hobby, passion, skill, or expertise. The best way to choose a niche is to list all the possible domains which fascinate you. After you make a list, create a rough content plan for each of these domains and analyze the category, and the type of content you can develop. 

For instance, if you are engaged in cooking, but you don’t have sufficient information to write about, there isn’t any point in taking up that niche. When you start your blog, you regularly post fresh content to stay ahead in your competitors’ race. Hence, choose something where you have a lot of ideas. 

Pick a Platform 

After deciding the type of content you are interested in posting, decide on the platform to hold your content. If you want to become an affiliate marketing giant, then starting with your website is the most suited option. You can also resort to other platforms like YouTube or Instagram. 

If you can write exquisite and helpful content, then start your blog. If you have a knack for creating timeless visuals, videos, YouTube and Instagram are the perfect fit for you. Start with only one platform because keeping tabs on multiple places can be overwhelming, and you wouldn’t be able to give your 100% to a single platform. 

Product Hunt 

The most crucial part of the journey is to pick the right set of products and services to market. A very convenient way to find the products and brands of your liking is by entering the name of the product or brand on Google, followed by typing affiliate. 

You will get all the details of various affiliate programs. Make sure to read all the terms thoroughly before you begin the product hunt to ensure that you fit the criteria. A lot of affiliate programs demand a minimum number of visitors or subscribers. Make sure to look up the Amazon Affiliate Program. It is incredible and widespread.

Curating Content 

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to compose excellent content. All the content you create should be easy to understand, convey the point across, and be grammatically correct. The best approach to create content is to be in your creative sphere and do it at your pace. 

It doesn’t mean not sticking to the schedule or objectives. You don’t have to pressure yourself into creating the best blog post because it wouldn’t help. Try to draw inspiration by looking at other posts or pleasing visuals, and then you will be able to create engaging content. 

You have to promote the affiliate products using the content so try to write articles where you can do it effortlessly. Don’t promote an affiliate product in every blog post or video because your audience isn’t going to be happy about it. For every ten non-promotional posts, you can curate a promotional one. 

Hard-Work: The irreplaceable ingredient to success

If you decide one fine morning to create a website to start affiliate marketing and make a whopping income online, then you are in a dreamland. If it were possible, everyone would quit the existing jobs and switch to this method. The reality isn’t so welcoming and comfortable. 

You have to put in additional effort to help your website or channel take off. In the initial months, stay more active by engaging with the audience, responding to queries on different community platforms and forums, and get honest feedback on your work. 

It doesn’t mean slogging all day and not sparing any time for recreational activities. You have to draw a plan and work accordingly to achieve the outcomes. If you finish the tasks early, you can spare more time to do the things you like. 

Evolve and Learn 

The digital industry trends change very often, and you might be an expert in your domain, but you have to be familiar with the new concepts. It requires a lot of continuous learning to evolve as a person. 

It would be best to understand your audience’s needs from time to time and devise strategies to help them. Ultimately, if the audience isn’t finding your content production, they will stop visiting the website. To create an audience that will stick with you for long years, you must create engaging content. 

Website v/s YouTube: Which one to choose? 

Starting a website to practice affiliate marketing is more convenient than starting a YouTube channel because you are the owner. You get the flexibility to curate content as per your choice. 

You have to comply with a lot of rules and regulations to start a channel. If YouTube notices that you are spamming the description box with links to affiliate products, they might take down the video or suspend the channel. You can lose all of the work overnight, and you will have no choice but to start over. 

The same is true for platforms like Quora and Instagram as well. There are strict rules to abide by and to be realistic unless you have shared the link multiple times, there are significantly fewer chances of getting customers on board. External platforms are unreliable but owning a website gives you security for the future. 

Training Program 

There is no better learning approach than the experts and mentors who have established themselves in the industries. It can be very overwhelming to start affiliate marketing without getting the requisite training. There are many training programs for affiliate marketing online, and it can be a little tough to choose which one is the most dependable because all of them seem to give exceptional results. 

We have done a lot of analysis and research to find the best training platform for you. This program’s results are authentic, and you will learn a lot of other digital marketing essentials along with affiliate marketing. 

Savage affiliates are the go-to training program for newbies to the industry, but even if you are experienced, this platform can still help you brush up on the existing skill-set and teach new techniques. 

Savage Affiliates Training Program

There are two programs available: the standard package and the super package. Both of the programs have a one-time payment option. For the standard package, you have to pay $197, and for the super package, you have to pay $297. 

The Affiliate training program consists of comprehensive modules which will help you learn about the following concepts:

  1. The A-Z of affiliate marketing and how to select the affiliate products
  2. How to increase organic traffic by participating in forums and improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) score 
  3. Using paid methods like advertisements to direct traffic to the blog 
  4. How to develop and design effective email marketing campaigns 
  5. Techniques to develop your website and make it more user friendly 
  6. How to use ClickBank and ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing

If you choose the super package, you will also learn about web-hosting and launch jacking. 

Why Choose Savage Affiliates?

The following reasons make Savage Affiliates continues to be the top choice amongst aspiring affiliate marketers:

  1. It is a very inclusive course which has something for people from different levels of experience. Be it freshers or experienced industry experts, and it offers modules of a diverse range. 
  2. The thirty-day money back policy guarantees the authenticity of the program. You can apply for a refund within thirty days if you haven’t reached the desired outcomes. 
  3. Franklin, the founder of Savage Affiliates, has proven his success in this industry and is a receipt of several honors and awards. 
  4. You will be a community member with like-minded people, and it will help build networks for a lifetime. 
  5. A few done-for-you tools are available to help in practice before starting. It will give you hands-on experience.
  6. The mentor will address all the doubts and queries. He will also give you the latest developments from an industry perspective every week.


Affiliate marketing is a tested and effective way of generating passive income online in Canada. It doesn’t require a lot of capital or investments. If you put in dedicated efforts, then you can start earning in the first few weeks. Sign up for the training program with Savage Affiliate to start your venture right away.

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