How To Make Money From Home Canada: (4 Best Side Hustles)

You know how difficult it is to survive when wages keep dropping and the cost of living keeps exponentially rising. Do not worry, I know that space very closely. This is why I am bringing you a few options to help you through this process. 

With only an internet connection and some money to set you up, you can start saving a little more on the side to see you through comfortably. There aren’t too many places that can help you without any start-up money. This is why you should not believe ads that keep popping up on the internet that promise you a lot of money in exchange for simple work while sitting at home. 

Yes, starting something afresh to earn money on the side is challenging. It is challenging in so far as you have to sacrifice your TV time. Which should not be that hard if you think about it.

Think of it like this, a few extra hundred dollars every month will only help you achieve your dreams a little faster. You could maybe a car that you have wanted, or, you could probably get your bank balance to a point where you do not get a panic attack every time you take a look at it.

Ways to Earn Money Online 

First things first, while trying to earn money online, sitting at home, think of something achievable. You need not directly shoot for the stars. By that, I mean, your first venture does not have to be a big business. You can easily build up to it once you have the experience as well as the capital. This means that you do not have to spend money on registrations or even hire an accountant. If your gig works out, turns over a healthy profit, fill out a tax form at the end of the financial year and pay your taxes like a good citizen.

Remember, this is the first time you are going to be trying something like this. It is important that you are not disappointed quickly and lose your heart. A little bit of perseverance goes a long way when it comes to things such as this.

I have briefly touched upon a few ideas to make sure that you do turn a profit. Take a look at them, and make your pick.

Drop Ship Stores

Do you remember these advertisements on Facebook and Instagram that always have some great products for unbelievable prices? It could be anything from dresses, sneakers, to even coffee. If you do remember them, I am pretty sure that you must have been tempted to open and place an order.

If you have never placed an order on sites like this, let me detail the process out for you. On clicking on the advertisement, you are quickly redirected to a store where the product is available for sale. If you do finish purchasing after completing the payment process, you receive an e-mail with the details of the delivery. Your product arrives at your doorstep a few days later.

Products such as these are generally drop shipped. The person selling you the product was providing space and reach to the person who made the product. The amount was divided amongst the supplier and the person selling it, almost always favoring the latter. This is an example of how you can conduct trade online. You do not have to make things to sell them. You can easily act as the distributor, showcasing what many people would want to buy.

This is a great way to earn money for yourself and help local creators to push their stuff into the market. It is very easy. Shopify would be the go-to choice, since its run out of Ottawa. You know that dealing with them, in case of any problem would be easier than taking it up with someone who is half a globe away. With minimal charges to host per month, utilize your Facebook and Instagram followers to sell products on the internet.

You will have opened a 24/7 shop online. One that is always open for customers to browse through.

Best Resource For Learning More

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If you want to learn how to drop ship properly and not end up losing your precious time and money, I highly recommend you check out this training.

It is one of the most affordable and content pack dropshipping course out there in the market to-date! This is a course by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping for over 8 years!

You can literally use his course as a tax deduction on your first couple of sales!

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not want to start a store, you could always try your hand at Affiliate Marketing. This relies a lot more on your networking skills than drop shipping, but it is also pretty lucrative.

Working alongside local creators, boutiques, as well as big retail chains, the work of an Affiliate is technically never over. You will have to generate and send traffic over to their pages. If someone decides to buy something from their listing, you will be awarded a decent commission. It is an ideal process, considering that there is very little risk involved on your end. Commissions are generally a percentage of the selling price of an object. You could expect around 10 to 20 percent of the price to be awarded to you.  On the sale of a product for 2000 CAD, you could easily be earning around 200 CAD.

This will test your marketing skills, because, for you, the sky is the limit. The number of sales you manage to make through your suggestions and placements will decide how much you get to take home at the end of the day or the week. Establishments and individuals need Marketing Affiliates because they lack good marketing skills.  You step in and solve this problem for them. If you are active on Snapchat and Instagram, working your way through this would be a lot of fun.

Best Resource For Learning More

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This course is for affiliate marketing and again it’s by Franklin Hatchett. He’s doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years now. If you’re looking to save time, money and get better results, I highly recommend buying this course.

This is also one of the cheapest & content pack courses except it’s all about affiliate marketing.

Again you can use your first few commissions as tax deductions!

Content Writing

If you are good with words, I would recommend that you start freelancing as a writer who can provide content. Your income would be dependent on the work that you find as well as your skills to deliver the same work. If you are comfortable with working on software such as Grammarly, you will be in instant demand. Even if you can present things to meet the demands of the client, you will be more than eligible to enter this field and earn some good money for yourself.

There are a lot of places and forums, specifically curated to meet the demand and supply of freelance writers. Let us be honest here, there are not enough content writers to satisfactorily meet the demands of content. It is going to be a field where work is available. How much you can earn from it is purely going to be based on how good you are at writing as well as negotiating. 

If you do maintain a proper portfolio, your application to something like a travel agency or a chain of hotels may be fruitful. You might land a contract and even have the benefit of going to different places while curating content.  You could easily make up to 100 CAD for writing around 1000 words.

Local Leads Generator 

Local businesses must have an online presence. Due to their poor marketing skills, they are either paying money for advertisements that nobody sees, or they are not spending at all when it comes to advertising in an online space.

In this gig, you will have to rely on your people skills and make local businesses give you amazing offers so lucrative that customers cannot resist buying. A discount code right up front seems like a good place to begin from. As soon as the owners agree, you could design and put up an advertisement online that mentions the discount code. Push it around on a few of your Facebook pages, and voila, customers start coming in. The best part about deals like this is that they do not limit you to retail marketing only, you could also enter the service industry and try your luck.  

If you manage to make the owner offer something for free, your advertisement will garner traffic. If they like the products that they purchase or the services that they use, they will surely come back looking for more. Your job is to lead the consumers to the business. Once you do that, it is upon the businesses to make their relationships with the consumers.  

If it is a service-based establishment, consumers are bound to keep coming back depending on their experience. Then the establishment has access to a larger share of the consumers’ spending. This is where you make your money.

The establishments that you wish to work with can always say that your fees are more than what they can afford. In such a scenario, ask them to check how much they spend on acquiring a single client. At this point, most of them realize that they generally spend way more to not only get clients but also to retain a relationship with them. If they are still unsure about hiring you, you could always offer them a free trial.

Make sure that you never undersell yourself for the work that you do. You can always make around 500 to 1000 CADs in a month, but remember that you will have to keep some money aside to fund the advertisements for the businesses you work for. Make sure that your scale-up accordingly, once you find your footing in this industry.

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