How to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Canada

Affiliate marketing is a fresh and pertinent way of making passive income online. You don’t need to invest money in capital, and it is comparatively a straightforward business model to understand. Many big brands have started affiliate programs to expand their business, and you can earn a bountiful commission by signing up for these programs. It is essential to understand affiliate marketing’s working mechanism before finding the choicest and finest affiliate programs. 

Affiliate marketing is a business model to market affiliate products of designated brands and business owners. It is done by sharing the affiliate link with prospective customers. If the customer purchases the product using the unique link, the business owner will receive a notification, and the affiliate marketer will get a commission from the profits. 

You will also get credentials to access specific parts of the business database that are relevant to you. It is done to help you keep track of your progress and understand the origin of various leads and sales. Although there is no backup for hard work, you can get ahead of your competitors by learning the best techniques and incorporating effective strategies. Please stick with us to the end of the article to determine how you can start earning via affiliate marketing by enrolling in a top-class program.

Affiliate Marketing in Canada: Scope and more 

If you observe the trends of affiliate marketing across the world, they are more or less similar. Just because your site is in Canada, it doesn’t mean that you cannot market products from markets across the globe. But if your website has more visitors from Canada, you would want to mention the products from Canada or the ones that can be shipped to Canada. 

You can also promote digital tools globally because they don’t require shipping and are meant for a diverse audience. On the contrary, you should target these brands because they offer incredibly high commissions. ClickBank has one of the best affiliate programs, and you can earn a bountiful deal with them if you follow the correct strategies and techniques. 

How to start affiliate marketing 

You can go about multiple ways, either by starting a website or a YouTube channel. People also use forums, community groups, and Instagram, but the most effective way is to start a website or a blog because you don’t have to rely on an external platform. After you have set up the platform, follow these steps to get started:

Pick a niche

It will be the theme of your website, and all the blogs will come under the domain. You have many prospects to choose from, such as skills, hobbies, passion, and professional experience. If you are confused between two niches, then opt for the one you have more content to write about because you will have to update the website with fresh pieces regularly. You cannot afford to run out of ideas and content to create.

Design the Content Plan and Strategies 

Create a draft that will host all the information about the content you plan on curating shortly. It is an organized way of scheduling content to avoid overlapping of topics. Make sure you design the content in an easy to understand form and is relevant to the audience you are targeting. Further, you have to develop strategies to increase the visitor count of your website. It can be through social media, forums, and email campaigns. 

Understand how to market affiliate products 

The content you develop should fit the product/service you are trying to advertise. It would be best if you tried experimenting by including the content in different spaces and analyzing what strategy works the best for you to do that for future posts. 

Finding Affiliate Programs in Canada

In this segment, you will find directions to integrate with different affiliate programs in Canada. We will also provide you the names of popular affiliate plans to kickstart the affiliate marketing journey. 

If you are a little jittery about starting, now is the time to leave all your woes. The majority of the brands and merchants are very friendly, and many new brands are keen on starting their programs. Stay authentic and dedicated, and you can take on the world. 

Affiliate Networks

This method is second to none and by far the most unparalleled method. All you have to do is join affiliate networks, and you will be connected with hundreds of brands looking for affiliate marketers. These networks will also have country-specific opportunities so you can connect with brands from your region. 

You will find a mixture of both small and large-scale businesses. The large scale businesses will have a proper database of affiliate marketers, and you will be the new addition to it. There will be many small businesses but don’t expect a lot of commission from the new brands. Out of the plenitude businesses you will discover on the network, these businesses seem to be the most popular ones: New Balance Canada, Footlocker Canada, Joe Fresh, Macy’s Canada, The Body Shop, and Royal Doulton Canada. 

Additionally, these are the brands that frequently appear on the CJ Affiliate Network: Penningtons, Reitmans, Del Canada, Indigo Books and Music, Keurig Canada, and The Shopping Channel. 

Amazon Affiliate Program 

The Affiliate Program at Amazon is sought-after because of the brand image, but the commissions are a little less compared to other programs. Nevertheless, there is a high success rate for getting commissions from the Amazon Affiliate Program because of the reliability and superior service. Also, if the customer buys other products, then you will get a commission for that additionally. 

The program has something called a cookie, which is the time window of twenty-four hours. It is the time frame a customer can take to return to the product and purchase to get a commission. You will learn how to use the program quickly because it has a straightforward interface.

 You will get access to other tools to track the products with a high search volume and are best-sellers. Marketing these products will be an effective strategy to generate more leads and sales. There are many filters to customize the search space and get accurate information about the products. 

Visit other Canadian Blogs 

Visit the blogs of other Canadians, and observe the type of advertisements it displays. Click on the ads, and check if the business offers affiliate programs in which you can enroll. It is also the right way for a fresher to learn by observing exceptionally creative and outstanding bloggers. It is not about plagiarising ideas but drawing inspiration to create great content. If you are learning by observation, you will pick up the trending styles faster because trends can go out of date more immediately than you can realize. 

Use Search Engines 

It can be a little time-consuming, but search engines will give you all the affiliate programs across the world. You should use the right set of keywords to find the most suitable program. If you are looking to discover brands from a particular niche, type the niche’s name followed by “Canadian affiliate programs.” On the other hand, if you know the merchant and want to learn about the affiliate plans, enter the merchant’s name followed by “affiliate program.” 

How to determine if the affiliate program is right for you 

You will get offers from numerous brands, and you have to filter them out to work with the best brands that offer higher commissions and have a good reputation. There are several other factors which you must keep in mind, and they are as follows: 

Niche and Audience Demographics

You have to partner with brands and products that are somewhat related to your niche. There is no sense in tying up with brands who pay a higher commission if the products don’t belong to your domain. Understand your audience’s demographics and determine if the products you recommend will be useful to them. 

Instead of participating in an affiliate program that gives you 40% of the commission but the products or services aren’t up to the mark, choose the affiliate program which pays 20% commission but is well-known for the quality of commodities. Your focus is to generate leads. Rather than getting 40% of nothing, your aim should be to get 20% of something. 

The little details 

A lot of merchants are a little reluctant when it comes to giving commission. For instance, they will promise you a 20% commission and later alter the clause to apply to new customers alone. Be careful and thoroughly read these terms before signing the contract. 


The preferable form of currency will be the Canadian dollar or USD. A lot of the affiliate networks prefer to transfer the commission in USD via PayPal. You can transfer the amount to your bank account whenever you find it convenient. Some of the affiliate networks will calculate the value in Canadian dollars and then make the payment. There are perks when you get money in American dollars because it will be a good tip for Canadian Affiliates. One of the statistics data suggests that you will receive CAD 100 for every USD 300 transferred. Study the commission rates carefully to maximize profits. 

Quality above all 

When you promote a product or service to a broad audience, you become responsible for the information you provide. Make sure that you can take the credibility of the product you have decided to market. It shouldn’t happen that you have apprehensions about it because if your viewers purchase it and have a terrible experience, they will not trust your reviews and opinions. 

It is a beautiful idea to purchase the product yourself and give it a shot. You can click snapshots of yourself using it, which will help the audience take your recommendation more seriously. Additionally, you will also get assurance that you are involved in the distribution of something useful. Make the reviews honest, help the brands improve their quality, and filter out products belonging to the same category. 

Commission Structure 

Every affiliate program offers a different commission structure. Some programs will pay per click, and others might pay for every lead generation. Even the commission you receive will be different; for some, it will be a percent share and a fixed rate for others. Analyze all these little details before selecting the program because you have to choose the system in which you are most comfortable. 


Since affiliate marketing gives you the flexibility to work with different networks and programs, you earn from multiple sources. Before you indulge in a network program, check for the payment threshold levels; if you believe it is beyond your competency to reach the goal, don’t register for it because it will waste time. You can utilize this time to market with other programs that suit you the best. 

What to do if your favorite brand doesn’t have an affiliate program? 

You can always approach the brand and convince them to start an affiliate program. Design a promising business strategy to explain to them why they will benefit from an affiliate program. You can also offer to write a blog post for their brand and develop a long-term relationship this way. Most of the brands are open to learning about new marketing methodologies, so there is an excellent chance that they will go through with the idea. 

Want to start earning with affiliate marketing right away?

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Affiliate marketing is an incredible business model to earn money online. You don’t have to bother about handling the products or worry about delivery and customer support. All you have to do is develop an engaging follower base and expand your network. 

There are various options to choose from, and you have the liberty to choose the program and the products. With expert training from world-class mentorship, you can soon establish a dominant presence in the industry. We hope this piece came to your assistance.

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