How To Buy Ethereum In Canada (Quick Start Guide)

Are you looking to invest in cryptocurrencies? Is it Ethereum? Have you been facing problems while purchasing them with CADs?

Do not worry.

I have been investing in the market with cryptocurrencies for some time now.

To accumulate my own stock of Ethereum sitting here in Canada, I have had to undertake a lot of research.

Keep reading this guide so that you can figure out the nitty-gritties of Ethereum and how to buy them with ease.

What is Ethereum?

A goliath in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum is the second-largest currency in this market only behind Bitcoin. An open-source blockchain that is decentralized, it houses a great smart contract functionality. Individual miners constantly compute and are integral to keep the blockchain secure.

Their cryptocurrency is known as Ether.

This has two major uses; a digital currency to exchange and to run applications within the platform.

Unlike other platforms, Ethereum does not allow mining for Ether. It offers Ether to miners who work to keep the network safe for consumers. If you are an application developer, you could also use Ether to fund your transactions and services. It is this multi-functionality that makes Ether desirable for everyone.

Right now while I am writing this review, 1 Ether is valued at 514.97 CAD. It seems more than a good investment to make. However, I would advise you to check the market before buying or selling your cryptocurrency. After all, that is the most important thing when it comes to investments.

It is also worthwhile to keep in mind that you have the option of purchasing as little as 0.01 Ether. You do not need to buy one full token. If this was ever your concern, you can chuck it.

How to Buy Ethereum in Canada:

Purchasing Ether has never been this simple. I have been on the lookout for a reliable platform that allows me to buy and sell cryptocurrency with ease while protecting my identity.

In this process, I stumbled upon Bitbuy. Initially inaugurated as Instabit, this company has revamped itself while solidifying its space in the Canadian Market.

Follow these steps and you will have purchased your Ethers easily:

  1. Go to Bitbuy’s Official Website on your computer/laptop/mobile device.
  2. Sign up, fill in your details, and create an account
  3. Remember to verify your account.
  4. Add funds in your Bitbuy account by simply transferring money to your Bitbuy account from your bank account.
  5. Using the funds in your Bitbuy account, place an order.
  6. Wait for a little while and have your Ether deposited in your wallet.

The best part about this entire process is that you can use CADs to make your purchase. You do not need to convert it into Bitcoin to make your transactions. Bitbuy will help you out easily.

Why Trust Bitbuy? 

I put my faith in companies that are transparent about their dealings. Bitbuy is one such company that does not hide its activities from its customers.

A few things that make using Bitbuy worthwhile are:

  1. Its simple and lightning-fast user interface. 
  2. The Express trade feature enables customers the ability to trade in cryptocurrency with Canadian dollars. 
  3. It is one of the easiest processes that users can peruse to deposit funds to purchase cryptocurrency. 
  4. If you want to access this feature, you will have to pay slightly extra in terms of conversion rate. You will still make a profit because of its sheer accessibility.
  5. Although Debit and Credit cards are not available on Bitbuy, it makes transactions very easy with Wire Transfer, Interac and Express Interac e-Transfer.

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