Cheapest CA Domain Registration Guide (Save Money!)

Do you want to start a website? Have you chosen a domain name? If you have not yet, it probably means that you haven’t bought a domain yet. Do not worry, I have compiled this quick guide to ensure that you can get your desired Canadian domain name and that too while saving money.

If you do not want people to remember long IP addresses to visit your website, you will have to invest in a domain. A simple and easy name, that is difficult to forget will increase the number of visitors your website will see every day. Upon registration, you will find facilities such as two-factor authentication, good domain privacy, or e-mail hosting.

Here are a few domain registrars to narrow your search. Remember that prices keep varying, and services offered can also be different:

  1. BlueHost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. InMotion Hosting
  4. 1&1
  5. HostGator
  6. NameCheap

I know that some of you have faced multiple difficulties in the past if you had to have your domains registered from a company that did not keep their end of the deal. It is difficult to coordinate with your domain registrar if the customer support is sucky. If that is the case, then you are losing valuable business by the minute, every time your site is down due to no fault of your own. The sites listed above meet the minimum criteria of being accessible through phone and e-mail. The task facing you is to choose the best and the cheapest one. 

Ways to Save Money while Purchasing a .CA Domain Name

Although it must be tempting to spend your money on names that generally pop up on a simple google search, try to refrain from such things. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are looking to save money upfront, then the best bet to hedge at this time is to purchase .ca domain names on combined-years right away. If you have a few years combined, then the price is decided on a constant. It will be cheaper than renewing the subscription every year. Even if the prices are increased, it will not be the same for you.
  2. Make sure that you do not purchase your .ca domain from your regular Internet Service Provider. Unlike earlier times, you do not have to buy from the same company that provides the internet. Now that there is a long list of companies that provide services specifically for .ca domain name, use their services for lesser prices.

Which is the Cheapest .ca Domain Name Provider?

NameCheap HomePage

The Cheapest .ca Domain Name provider has quickly become NameCheap. They provide multiple options to avail their services, their services are offered at –

  1. 1 year – 11.98 CAD
  2. 2 years – 11.89 CAD
  3. 3 years – 11.78 CAD
  4. 4 years –  11.68 CAD

As you can see, it is the best possible deal that is available on the market. If you buy subscriptions on a combined basis, it is light on your pocket. The price remains fixed and then you can make other expenditures for your website.

Namecheap has been named the Best Name Registrar for multiple financial years. It manages over 7 million domains. Their support system is top-notch and houses a live chat and e-mail ticketing system. It also provides SSL certificates as well as app integration.

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