Best Web Hosting Sites for Small Businesses in Canada (A Quick Review)

Starting out to choose the best web hosting site to take your business website online on can be extremely daunting. With every company offering lavish bonuses on signing up and claiming to have the best service in the market, it is very difficult to conclude what to choose.

Do not worry, I have put hours trying to narrow down a few services for you to choose from. To make sure that I was not missing out on details, I personally approached each of these companies to figure out how their services were faring against their competitors. Make no mistake, each company listed below in the review has been providing services non-stop for 10 years. You cannot go wrong with any of them. You will have to make your choice by seeing what fits your needs in this scenario.

Companies mentioned in the review will provide you with a free website builder that is pretty intricated while being easy to access. Create your website, and take your time to design it. See what you need and how you want to place things. You will not have to hire a graphic designer, web developer, or someone similar to guide you through the process.

1. InMotion Hosting

Constantly making appearances on CNet, InMotion Hosting has been providing quality service for more than a decade. Their in-house support staff is excellent at providing quick and innovative solutions round the clock. All of them have had to go through rigorous training programs. Interestingly, InMotion Hosting’s management staff comprises of seasoned technological experts who have been involved with web hosting in one way or the other for a better part of the last decade.

InMotion offers two websites for you to work on with no caps on either storage space or bandwidth. They also offer you unlimited email accounts on each site the moment you start your subscription. Truly basing itself on creating a more wholesome community on the internet, InMotion has a rich repository of online tutorials that help you understand and learn the finer details of creating a website and web hosting. The in-house support staff will add to this process of learning in your journey.

If you are still wondering what else this prime service provider might have to offer, I have some good news for you. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This in itself is a testament to the amount of trust they have on their services as well as how much they care about the customers’ experience.

2. Blue Host

In your search for a good yet affordable web hosting company, you might have crossed paths with this name. Yes, Bluehost is one of the most recommended web hosting companies currently. They have pretty lucrative offers for referrals, and they do not tarry when it comes to paying the referees. If you sign up on Bluehost through a link provided to you by a blogger or a company, they will instantly be given a $100. This is one of the things that makes them stand out as a proper competitor in the market.

Starting in Provo, Utah, Bluehost is one of the largest and widely trusted web hosting companies since 2003. It manages over 2 million domains online along with a host of sister companies such as HostMonste and FastDomain. They have remained one of the most trusted partners of WordPress for over a decade. So much so that they have a team dedicated to WordPress with people who have expertise in WordPress.

You can easily take good advantage of their Basic plan which provides you with one website and five add-on domains. It provides you 50 GB worth of website storage space. With 5 email accounts and zero caps on the number of visitors, it is a great deal when you sign up for their 36 months Basic plan. If you choose to do so, you are also rewarded with a free domain name.

With a great track record and the approval of big conglomerates such as WordPress, you can hardly fo wrong. They have supremely fast servers that provide great speed for your website. Their support staff is brilliant with effective communication. Try it out and see if this suits your needs properly.

3. A2 Hosting

“The Leader in Optimized Hosting”
This is the motto of A2 Hosting. They strive to provide super fast and reliable services when it comes to web hosting.

For small businesses, their lite plan will be perfect. An entry-level service, this can be used to create a single website whenever you feel like it, in a few hours. With unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage, they are perfect when it comes to driving traffic through your website. They will not let you or your customers down while trying to access the page and look for products. If your website is currently being hosted elsewhere, upon registration A2 Hosting will migrate it to its servers free of cost. Everyone is provided with a free SSL certificate. The SSD gives websites a boost in terms of speed.

Their support staff is brilliant when it comes to responding to calls. There is hardly a time when you will find them delaying responses to a query or a problem. Consistency is something that they sell their services on.

If their speedy service and ease of use do not attract you, you can always claim their 90-day money-back offer. Till then, it would be my advice to try it out once.

4. Crucial Hosting

Crucial Hosting was started in Arizona, the USA in 2006. Since its inception, it has been striving to make sure that customers can rest easy when it comes to stable performances in the web hosting field. Everyone currently employed in Crucial Hosting has a minimum of 5 years of experience in this field.

Their Personal plan, a well thought out entry-level one, is available for $10 a month. In this personal plan, you have access to 10 GB of SSD space, a 256 MB memory along with unlimited bandwidth. It comes with features such as automatic backup and a very efficient Litespeed web server. Their service stands out starkly in front of other hosting companies.

Crucial Hosting offers multiple promo codes and discount coupons on a pretty regular basis. You can also avail their 50% off on the first month of signing up instantly. The Personal plan will serve you well for managing one website. The moment you sign up for a longer subscription, you are rewarded with a domain name for free.

Their in-house sales engineer is fully capable of guiding you through the process of selecting the best product needed for hosting. They too offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can make use of if the services aren’t what you were looking for.

5. Siteground

In 2004, friends from the university decided to start a web hosting site. Since then, there has been no reason to turn back given their meteoric rise to success. What started in their dorm rooms has now grown into a business that boasts of employing more than 400 people.

Siteground’s entry-level plan is called StartUp. This is a plan that is tailored for first-timers and small businesses who are trying their hand out on the internet part of their job. With all the essentials packed, the StartUp plan helps you put things in perspective and plan better. It allows you to host a single website with a maximum of 10,000 visitors per month. Siteground will migrate your website for free, it will help you install applications on your website, and will give you an SSL certificate for a nominal charge.

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