Best VPN For Canada: Buyers Guide For Canadian Users (2021)

If you are on the lookout for trying to find out the best VPN for your needs, you do not have to look further. I have created a list of VPN services alongside a review of each of them so that you can take your pick after careful consideration.

Not too long ago, big corporations were using VPN services to ensure that their data is not breached. For them, VPN services ensured that there was no unauthorized access to their website.

Now, even private individuals like you and I have to be concerned about our internet presence.

We have to be careful when it comes to our data being at risk, and our digital footprint being tracked. We need VPN services to protect ourselves from malicious individuals.

Why Do I Need a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is an application that allows private networks to be extended across a public network. This enables users to directly transfer data between themselves across varied shared and public networks. This emulates the experience of your computing devices being connected directly to a private network. This provides users with virtual protection by routing your traffic from all those who want to snoop around.

VPNs have proved to be a great way to circumvent geographical IP restrictions that a lot of content providers and countries put in place. This allows people to access content that might have otherwise been unavailable in their country. They also provide added protection when it comes to surfing the darknet. It is as shady as it sounds, and is a place where anyone without proper security services is in danger of having their data stolen and tampered with.

What Are The Features I Can Get From a VPN?

Most VPN service providers have made their applications portable to all kinds of Operating Systems. They are available on Windows, iOs, Android, Linux, and even across other systems that are not as popular. You could also use their extensions available on apps such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They are also available for Apple TV, Kodi app, as well as Fire TV.

Nearly all VPN service providers house the same features, barring a few add-ons. They differ majorly in terms of the server count, locations of their data centers, the speed provided, and the quality of security certificates.

Having established the basics, let us take a look at the best VPN services available for you in Canada

Best VPN Service Providers

1. PureVPN (Best Overall)

PureVPN is one of the select few service providers that can boast of having Chinese servers. That in itself is a mammoth task considering that China has very strict digital laws in place. With more than 2000 servers in 142 countries, PureVPN hosts over 30,000 IP addresses in its arsenal.

With unmetered bandwidth servers and military-grade 256-bit AES encryption technology, not only does PureVPN provide lightning-fast speed, but simultaneously provides the best security. This ensures that you do not have to worry about losing your data to people simply because your IP address and personal information is masked extremely well.

They do not log activity. This is one of the things that almost everyone looking for a VPN wants to guarantee. You can relax, your data will not be aggregated, neither will PureVPN keep a check on your activities on the internet. The no-log policy also ensures that your device is not prone to malware attacks.

Their dedicated IP addresses can be purchased very cheaply. You will not have to share your addresses with other individuals, thus guaranteeing you the best speed possible. You can also use their port forwarding to make your life simpler.

They perfectly round their service off with their round the clock, responsive email support staff, and their 31-day money-back guarantee. You can always get your refund if PureVPN does not cater to your needs.

2. ExpressVPN (Best For Netflix)

Despite being one of the more expensive service providers in the VPN industry,  ExpressVPN tops the charts when it comes to popularity. Although their monthly fees are quite steep, I am sure if you opt for a lengthier plan, it will substantially decrease the load on your pocket.

One of the reasons for ExpressVPN being so popular is its wide server network that houses networks in mainland China. With astonishingly fast speed and reliability, it is an easy pick when you are looking for quality. They have over 3000 servers spread around more than 148 locations all around the globe. 

ExpressVPN comes with a military-grade 256- bit AES encryption accompanied with world-class DNS and IP leak protection services. This ensures that you have round the clock security for your data. 

Based out of the British Virgin Islands, they are serious about their no logs policy. No data is computed or stored. Their server technology erases all details the moment your session comes to an end.

You can use ExpressVPN simultaneously on 5 devices. Their round the clock support staff will astonish you with their quick responses and continuous guidance. 

They have complete faith in the quality that they provide, which is why they have one of the easiest to complete, 30-day refund policy, in the market.

3. SurfShark (Cheapest VPN)

A new player in the VPN service industry, SurfShark has already taken the market by storm due to its extremely affordable pricing. Although most of these plans are available to subscribers who take the subscription for longer periods, the offers are still great deals to make use of.

With over 1000 servers spread across 61 countries, they have made sure that they provide high-speed servers to the countries that have a bigger population than the rest of the world.
You can use their NoBorders mode to bypass firewalls, especially those present in China. A fast and reliable service, SurfShark houses an AES 256-bit encryption along with good DNS leak protection to provide maximum security.

SurfShark’s camouflage mode completely hides traces of you accessing a VPN on the internet. Now you can easily access different Netflix servers without worrying at all. Use their MultiHop feature to automatically change server locations at alternate moments. This will make it even harder to track you or your internet activity. In case of an emergency, you can hit the Kill Switch that terminates all activity.

With unlimited users for every account, this is not just for you but also for your family as well. Their plans make sure that you do not waste a single penny of yours. They too have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Due to its physical location being offshore, they can strictly enforce their No Logging policy. SurfShark makes sure that all of your data is wiped clean, the moment you finish your session.

4. NordVPN (Good for P2P)

With more than 5000 servers spread across the globe, NordVPN is by far, one of the largest service providers when it comes to VPN. They cannot match PureVPN only in terms of the number of countries the latter has its reach in.

Nord VPN only houses torrent-friendly servers so that all P2P activities can happen seamlessly. They also allow you to make good use of Newsgroups and Usenet. 

If you are looking for a VPN service that allows you unlimited access to all of Netflix’s content, Nord is the right answer for you. It houses a good number of Netflix servers allowing users to jump from one region to the other almost instantly. They also provide good service to other geo-blocked services.

With their 2048-bit AES encryption, they easily trump all other VPN service providers when it comes to security. Their additional DNS leak protection makes sure that your data is not breached. If at any point during your usage, you think that your identity is being compromised, simply hit the kill switch to terminate all functions.  

With NordVPN, you do not have to worry about your activities and history being logged. You can rest assured of their no-logging policy. You can also enjoy your subscription on 5 devices simultaneously.

5. Ivacy VPN

If your goal is to find a cheap and long-lasting VPN service provider, look no further. Ivacy is your answer. A reseller of PureVPN, they charge significantly less than PureVPN. You can check out their 5-year plan and reassure yourself of the difference in pricing.

With their 1400 plus servers in 140 countries, Ivacy offers great service if you are not looking for constant support or guidance in terms of using a VPN service. You will be mostly on your own, but the world will be at your fingertips. 

They offer high levels of data encryption for your safety and security, along with a multitude of applications and extensions to choose from. They have extensions for Chrome, FireTV, MiBox, allowing you to view things on your TV that would have been otherwise blocked. Ivacy’s app for your router is a boon. It allows you to connect all devices, completely removing the need to set each device up individually.
You can use the services on five devices simultaneously. 

Make sure that you look for their promo codes and limited time offers. They also have great prices on the Black Friday weekend.

6. Rus VPN

Based out of the Commonwealth of Dominica, RusVPN has more than 300 servers, across 37 countries spread over 5 continents. They have servers in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, as well as in China, apart from the obvious United States of America and Europe. 

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for your computer. You can also simultaneously download an extension for Chrome and Firefox. If you want to avail of their services on your mobile device, you have apps for both iOS and Android.

Although their monthly plans are a little steep, their One year and Two-year plans make it extremely affordable. If you think their services are not up to the mark or aren’t exactly what you have been looking for, do not worry. You can easily avail of their  30-day money-back guarantee.

7. TigerVPN

TigerVPN offers its services on both Windows and the Mac OS. They also have applications that can be downloaded and used on your Android device and iOS. With their 7-day money-back guarantee, it is indeed easier to check out your needs within a much shorter period. Much like other VPN services, their monthly subscription fees are pretty steep. However, they offer great prices on their one year, two-year, and three-year subscriptions.

Based out of Slovakia, TigerVPN manages more than 300 servers. These servers are spread across 62 cities in 42 countries all over the globe. They have quality service in both the North and the South Americas, all over Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Probably the best bit about TigerVPN is that they donate 2 percent of their profits to different animal charities. You could be an active part of it if you do decide to sign up for the Karma rewards program. 

8. Proton VPN

ProtonMail, founded by members of the CERN research facility, owns and operates the ProtonVPN.

Available for free with basic features included, you could also choose to opt for one of the two paid plans available. These are Plus and Visionary plans, the latter charged at a higher rate than the former.

With over 865 servers, ProtonVPN has its reach in more than 50 countries. It routes its traffic through the Secure Core Servers that are placed amidst very high-security facilities in Iceland, Sweden, and Switzerland. After this is completed, it is redirected to the server of your choice. This gives you added protection from all network-based attacks. 

9. Ghostpath

Operating with servers spread across 126 locations in 52 different countries, Ghostpath has a solid base in countries such as India, Russia, Australia, and South America. This does not mean that their presence in the United States or the United Kingdom is anything short of being good.

Registered in Georgia, the United States of America, it falls under the legal jurisdiction of the United States. With strict security protocols in place, their users might face some issues concerning a log of activities. Available across all major platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, and others, their stand out extension has to be the wifi router add on. IT makes the process of configuring devices extremely easy.

Ghostpath also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not impressed with their services. You can opt for their yearly or monthly plan.

10. Earth VPN

Compared to the other VPN providers on this list, EarthVPN is much smaller simply in terms of scale. However, it does not shy away from providing the best in class features when it comes to security and all-round performance. With unmetered bandwidth, P2P support, and advanced encryption, EarthVPN makes sure that its customers never go back unsatisfied. 

With 190 servers spread over 54 countries, EarthVPN is available for all platforms. It is easily accessible on Windows, Mac Os, Linux as well as Android and iOS. Their services are available for both monthly and annual subscriptions. The best part about this service is that it accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Apart from this, you can use regular methods to pay such as your credit card or your PayPal account.

 A subsidiary of an ISP working out of Northern Cyprus, it makes sure that it reaches places such as Iran, Pakistan, and Chile.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing

While knowing about all the features can be extremely overwhelming, my advice to you would be to look closely at the core features that make any VPN service worthwhile. Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind while making the purchase. 

1. Servers

The number of servers is never a metric to judge the quality of service provided. It is an indicator of the number of users present in the company. Then, servers are indicators of need based on geographical locations. For example, PureVPN houses more countries than any of its competitors. Which makes them the best when it comes to jumping from one country to the other when you are trying to find content.

If your provider tells you that they have multiple servers, ask them if they have servers piled up in one location, or if they are spread across the world. That will ensure that there is a huge difference.

2. Quality of Connection

If your priority is to stream content from different parts of the world, you must sign up for a tier-one provider. The quality of your connection is key to meet this demand. Otherwise, you will be buffering all the time instead of viewing anything that you want to stream.

Opting for cheap connections for this task will only make sure that you do not make good use of your VPN. There is no reason for you to struggle if there is money being spent for you to access something off the internet. Simple Data encryption will work fine on these connections.

Remember that your internet connection slows down every time you connect to your VPN service. You mustn’t lose speed elsewhere. If that happens, then you are looking at an entire subscription period of sadness and hurt.

3. The anonymity of the User

Let us face the truth. You are worried about your security online which is why you want to use the services of a VPN. To do so, your identity and footprint must remain invisible throughout the time you spend on the Internet.
For this, always make sure that there are protocols against DNS leaks as well as the VPN services strictly adhere to the no-logging policies. If you do not lookout for these things, trouble will await. Check if they provide OpenVPN and L2TP support that stop hackers from taking your information.

Keep this in mind, A VPN is no excuse for you to conduct illegal schemes, or behave in morally corrupt ways. Even though companies claim no logging, they might have to alter their schemes when the Federal Government comes at them. Please make sure that you do not use this protection or space to do reprehensible things

4. Support Provided

You can always download the VPN software on your computer and then install it to begin functioning. They are also present in terms of mobile applications that you can access on any operating system.

  • Browser Extensions – Instead of downloading the software and setting it up, you can easily go to the internet browser of your choice and avail of an add-on feature. This allows you to directly use your VPN services from the browser.
  • Smart TVs – Amazon Fire Tv, Roku, and MiBox are now VPN friendly. You can download applications to ensure that you can access geo-blocked content. Pure VPN would be a great choice in this category.
  • Third-Party hosting – With the sudden popularity of applications such as Kodi, it is important to check out if your VPN provides an extension to these applications as well. This is very important for those who want to access content that is otherwise not available.
  • Router compatibility – While this might not be the most important thing right now, it is something that makes any VPN that houses this feature rank pretty high. If your service provides an application that makes your router deal with the VPN and does not worry you about bridging devices, I would recommend that you go with it.
  • Support Staff – While this might not be extremely important if all you want to do is stream content, it still ranks pretty high for others. This feature ensures that you can have a problem-free experience every time you log into the internet. A good and responsive support staff generally makes working times faster and problem solutions very easy.

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