Best Kodi VPN Canada: A Quick Guide to Setting Up VPN

Of late, there has been a lot of buzz about Kodi. it has already become one of the most favored platforms to stream shows, cinema, and sports. Users claim it to be an accessible application that provides them with premium content for free.

I have been using this platform for some time now, trying to familiarize the nuts and bolts of its operation. If you are looking to use Kodi with a Virtual Private Network, then read this guide till the end. It will definitely help you get a clear picture of the best Kodi VPNs available for use in Canada.

What is Kodi?

What started off as the Xbox Media Center (XMBC) is now a media streaming platform that is in high demand. For those of you who have accumulated your own movie and TV show collection, Kodi is a boon. It organizes and allows you to access the entirety of your private library. Due to its high compatibility with multiple file types as well as devices, Kodi is probably one of the most valuable applications for people like you and me.

Kodi can house third party applications as add-on features. These add-ons facilitate media streaming (both audio and video) on Kodi. Most of these add-ons allow you to stream content for free; things that you would have otherwise paid good money for.  While these add-ons make life really easy, not all of them are things that you would want to entrust your personal data with. Also, there will be a lot of content restricted due to your location. Select content might not have been released for Canada. With the right add-on along with the best Kodi VPN, the world is your oyster.

What is a VPN?

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with Kodi, let us take a look at what VPNs have to offer.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides online security and creates a secure private network from your internet connection which is public. By masking the IP address of your devices, VPNs ensure that all your online activities cannot be virtually traced.

They also make sure that encrypted and secure connections are established. It reroutes all traffic through its own servers, thus managing to mask your IP address.

While using add-ons, you should remember that your Internet Service Provider will be able to detect your usage. This means that they will be aware of you accessing something that is protected by copyrights. You will have to make sure that your IP address is protected.  Also, if you have children in your house, make sure that you do use the best Kodi VPN to make sure that they are protected from threats and malicious content online.  It is important to remember that add-ons regularly open you up to being exploited by hackers. If someone can locate your IP address, they can easily hack into your device and steal your data. 

Now, make sure that you take your time to select the best Kodi VPN for yourself. 

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a VPN?

Here are a few things that you should keep a check of while choosing a VPN

1. Complete Streaming Capability

Always ensure that the VPN of your choice has no caps on with downloading content or streaming content. If it does not provide either of these you will be looking at very disappointing evenings where, right in the middle of your streaming, the connection expires. You should always go for a VPN that offers services proportionate to your Internet Service Provider.

2. Complete Anonymity

A primary reason to use VPN is to make sure that all your activity is completely anonymous. More importantly, it is to ensure that your identity remains a secret. If the VPN of your choice cannot provide that, I am sorry to say, you will be wasting your money. After all, what good is it if your device and data are prone to regular hacks?

3. Huge Server Base

When I say a huge Server Base, I mean one that is spread all over the world. VPNs function on redirecting your IP address through various servers located in different parts of the globe. This also ensures that you can access content from different parts of the globe without any difficulty at all. Subscribing to a VPN like this will increase your reach.

Choosing a VPN for Kodi

While numerous VPN service providers offer their services around the world, it is important to have one that offers their services streamlined for Kodi. This will eliminate the process of custom configuring your VPN to your device. You will not have to download additional software and hardware for running the VPN.

Pure VPN and Ivacy VPN provide dedicated services for Kodi. Take a look and make your choice. 

1. Pure VPN for Kodi

Available at great prices, Pure VPN provides premium services for Kodi users. It boasts of 256-bit military-grade encryption while using IKev, IPSEC, TCP, and UD for further enhancing the security framework. With over 750 servers spread across 140 countries, Pure VPN offers a vast base of networks to select from.

Priced significantly lower than other premium VPN services, Pure VPN houses top of the line applications and extensions too. It supports streaming simultaneously on 5 devices at once. Make sure that you are on the lookout for discount coupons and limited offer deals if you do decide to purchase this. Rest assured, using Pure VPN will make sure that your identity remains completely anonymous while using Kodi add-ons.  

2. Ivacy VPN for Kodi

Probably the lowest costing premium service that offers a great Kodi VPN integration available in the Canadian market. You can also download their Kodi app separately which allows you to focus on just streaming content.

With more than 450 servers spread over 100 locations all around the world, Ivacy ensures that you can access geographically blocked content right at your home.

Much like Pure VPN, this too has a host of protocols that include IKeV, OpenVPN, IPSEC amongst others while employing a similar 256-bit military-grade encryption for heightened protection services. You will never have to worry about losing your data because of Ivacy’s premium feature, a kill switch. This automatically turns your internet connection off the moment there is a possibility of a leak.

With its huge server base, you can easily stream content from sites such as Netflix and Hulu, especially from different countries. You also do not have to worry about the speed, because Ivacy does not compromise on that. Easily stream your preferred content on up to 5 devices at the same time.

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