Best Canadian Web Hosting & WordPress Hosts

Web hosting allows us to access websites all over the internet. If you are looking to find out which hosting service in Canada provides excellent service at reasonable rates, you are not lost.

This review will help you navigate through the pros and cons of the best web hosting sites in Canada.

Take a look and figure out which hosting site best suits your needs.  

Why should I Worry about Hosting Sites?

We often think that the number of visitors we get is the only way to a successful website, but we forget that driving the numbers up and keeping them afloat are two very different things. True, it is vital to drive traffic to our page/site, but it is equally important to see what might turn them away the moment they reach. The website’s speed is one such quality that often becomes a deterrent. The delay of a second means that 1 in every ten visitors will exit the page upon seeing a still loading sign.

Latency would be one of the probable causes of a problem like this. The time difference between the browser’s question and the server’s answer is key to understanding latency. One of the reasons for the further enhancement of this time difference is geographical distance. 

Loading a Website means to download everything stored and displayed on the page that you wish to view. You will have difficulty viewing the page because it will open in a very stunted fashion. Downloads will take longer. This process will tarnish your experience. Imagine what this might do to the traffic you take so much effort to direct? You will be losing money in this entire process.

This is what good web hosting sites are supposed to take care of. They are meant to reduce and eliminate all that might interfere with the experience of the website. You use them to not only place yourselves on the internet but also to give you the best possible environment for conducting your trade.

Should I Host My Site in Canada?

In the earlier section, I mentioned how geographic distance is a probable enabler to the problem of Latency. Keep in mind that this geographic distance is between the servers and the consumers. Taking note of where most traffic to your site is coming from is extremely important. In this scenario, it will help you make a call on where to host your site from. If you see that most of your traffic is local, go ahead and host from Canada. It will be a seamless transaction for you as well as your consumers. If they are from other countries, for example – the UK, then it would be better to avail services of a hosting site there. It will make sure that your prime consumers are never left dissatisfied with their interaction on the website. They will be able to access the contents easily.

Make sure that you always plan your strategies for the Website around the analysis of traffic it sees.

Let us see the best Canadian Website hosting sites and decide for ourselves.

1. GreenGeeks


2.95 CAD/month



Contact Details


GreenGeeks provides an environmental solution to cater to your high-performance needs. It is cheap and probably houses one of the best WordPress hosting solutions in the country. Upon purchasing the yearly plan, GreenGeeks offer a free Canadian domain (.ca) registration.

They also offer:

  • Unlimited SSD space, Unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, as well as hosted domains.
  • Absolutely free site migration.
  • Regular Backups.
  • 1-Click install for Cloudflare CDN.

With all of these amazing features, the only downside to this wonderful hosting service is that it has high renewal costs every year, and it allows only 100 emails to be sent every hour.

2. HostPapa


3.95 CAD/month



Contact Details


A web hosting company based out of Canada, HostPapa, has had their hands in the game for a long time. Because of their two unique features, namely-

  • Numerous servers located all around the world for you to choose from. This includes Canada as well.
  • Web hosting services made affordable for all shapes and sizes of businesses that come in.

That businesses all around the globe prefer to subscribe to the services provided.

A free domain the minute you sign up, one-click installation for multiple CMS platforms, and free email hosting,  HostPapa does give its customers very lucrative deals. Platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, and Magento are now instantly at your fingertips.

An easy-to-use cPanel accompanies all HostPapa plans. cPanel is a control panel dedicated to hosting web sites. It’s ease of access, and a visual interface allows users to seamlessly control their digital space. You can easily use this to take charge of your website. They also have plans that offer premium unlimited disk space as well as bandwidth with zero overage costs.

You will be surprised by the promptness of their support staff. You can reach out to them 24/7 via the medium of your choice(email correspondence, phone support, as well as live chat) The team boasts of being able to speak English, German, French, and Spanish amongst other languages.

HostPapa Pros and Cons

  • A regular feature in magazines of repute such as Cnet.
  • Every single plan on HostPapa provides completely free website migration facilities.
  • Get yourself a domain name free of cost at the time of signing up.
  • A support team who are quick to respond, and are always available to solve your problems.
  • No restrictions on disk space or bandwidth.
  • Email Hosting is provided as an add-on for all plans
  • The renewal costs are very high. That might make one consider their investment.
  • The basic plan has no place to provide either unlimited disk space or unfettered bandwidth. 

The basic plan houses:

  • A maximum of 2 Websites.
  • A maximum of 100GB Disk Space.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Free Domain Name, Site Migration, and Email hosting.

3. CloudWays


10 CAD/month



Contact Details

No call services yet

Fast, secure, and high performing WordPress hosting is offered by Cloudways. It is extremely user-friendly, Cloudways offer fast, secure, and high performing WordPress hosting, and there are very little hiccups on the way that might hinder the growth of your website. The USP of CloudWays is its innovative solutions to common problems faced by customers when trying to host websites.

  • Cloudways is a leading name in making cloud hosting easily accessible to everyone who wants to build a website.
  • It does not hinder your choices but instead offers up to 5 different cloud hosting platforms that you are more than free to choose from.
  • Although it is a platform to host websites, Cloudways is specifically tweaked to offer optimum benefits to WordPress users.

As you can guess, cloud servers were touted to be the domain of computer programmers and software engineers. The process itself evaded consumers, and they could not verifiably trust something that they were not comfortable with. This is not the case anymore. Cloudways prides itself on being able to simplify cloud hosting for you. It allows you complete control over which cloud server you would want to use. This includes Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode, and Digital Ocean.

All of their plans have the CDN extension that will automatically power up the speed of your website. You will not have to worry about missing out on support due to their ever-ready support team, who are available 24/7. CloudWays does offer premium services at affordable rates. 

Cloudways is extremely serious about performing regular backup tasks for both your content as well as the services that you provide on your website. It is their familiarity and relationship with cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Vultr, which gives you free rein over the ability to scale your website’s operations.  Increasing your storage space for your server is no more a back-breaking task. All you have to select the options, and you will have an expanded, faster version of your website delivered to you—all of this and nothing about the technical intricacies that go behind this procedure.

CloudWays Pros and Cons

  • CloudWays offers completely managed cloud hosting services at very reasonable rates.
  • Since you can choose from Five big cloud platform providers such as AWS and Google Cloud, the possibilities of your scaling up are bizarre.
  • It offers a completely Free site migration along with a free SSL certificate
  • They have an amazing three-day trial offer available for their services.
  • It is important to note that cloud hosting is nowhere as simple as shared hosting.
  • Due to its presence on the cloud, Cloudways is unable to offer a cPanel control panel.

They offer these services in their Basic Plan:

  • A maximum of 1 GB RAM.
  • A maximum of 25 GB SSD Disk Space.
  • A maximum of 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • Hassle-Free Service.
  • Free of cost site migration service is available in this plan as well.

4. HostUpon


3.95 CAD/month



Contact Details


HostUpon offers exclusively affordable plans that feature unlimited Bandwidth as well as Disk Space. They host more than 10,000 websites currently.

  • Their support team, as well as their sales team, are Canadians.
  • The website migration service is free, along with a .ca domain name registration.
  • HostUpon makes shared hosting affordable for you.

True and cheap Canadian web hosting services provided by HostUpon are heavily reliable. It actively helps to enrich and expand your business. The best part about their support team is that they can be contacted via the medium of your choice; email, chat, or phone. The nature of their in-house support and sales team will provide you an authentic Canadian experience.

If you opt for a shared hosting plan, you will be awarded a free domain name. You do not have to worry about website migration anymore, irrespective of the plan you opt for. HostUpon makes the process of installing platforms such as WordPress in just a few clicks of the button.

HostUpon Pros and Cons

  • No bar on email hosting. Unlimited access to addon domain names.
  • HostUpon provides multiple and unlimited IMAP/POP3 Email Accounts.
  • HostUpon values the environment and uses an eco-friendly green-hosting server.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. It comes with unlimited access to MySQL Databases.
  • HostUpon does not attempt to complete daily backups. This is problematic because you are always at the risk of losing data that you might not have properly stored.

Their basic plan offers:

  • Unlimited access to hosted domains, SSD Disk Space.
  • They provide Unmetered Bandwidth to its users.
  • Website Migration is freely available here as well.
  • Free Website Builder is available with customized templates.

5. A2 Hosting


3.90 CAD/month


Michigan, US

Contact Details


A2 Hosting offers If you are looking for a top of the line high-performance web hosting services, A2 Hosting might just meet your requirements. Their plans are affordable, and they do not compromise on innovation, important features, server speed as well as privacy and security.

  • Take the A2 hosting money-back guarantee if you do not like the offers. 
  • They house powerful turbo Servers that are capable of loading pages  20 times faster. 
  • Website migration is free. 
  • WordPress is delivered pre-installed.

With multiple server locations spread all around the world, A2 hosting offers one of the best server facilities. Their Michigan Data Center in the US offers great hosting experiences. You can contact their support team whenever you want, either through phone, email, or live chat.

If you are opting for their shared hosting plans, you will be rewarded with unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space for your own perusal. Along with this, you can install free SSL with just one click.

If you think their services are not up to the mark, or their services have left you extremely unhappy, then be sure to avail their one-time money-back guarantee. You will get your refund, and guess what they will try to assist you through the smooth functioning of the refund process.

A2 Hosting Pros and Cons

  • No cap on your storage and disk space.
  • A2 hosting provides free SSL certificates to all sites it hosts.
  • You get to use a plethora of systems such as HTTP/2 and PHP7. It provides you with free CloudFlare CDN & HackScan.
  • The use of SSD drives for their servers makes their service infinitesimally faster.
  • A2hosting charges a steep fee when it comes to changing servers. This is why I tell people to request the Michigan server if they are working out of Canada.

Their Basic Plan Specs are:

  • A maximum of 1 Website.
  • A maximum of 5 databases
  • Unlimited SSD space
  • No Cap on bandwidth
  • Website Migration is free of cost
  • Access to a cPanel Control Panel.

6. WP Engine


28 CAD/month



Contact Details


If you are looking for a WordPress hosting space, then you need not look beyond WP Engine. A very popular name in the Web hosting space, they manage WordPress servers for your convenience. They provide a surveillance service on your website 24/7, essentially meaning that you do not have to worry about your website going down at odd hours without you knowing about it. 

  • Their data centers are spread around the world, and the best bit is that they have one right here in Canada. 
  • This is a premium service that manages WordPress hosting.

Their current customer base is a wide array of bloggers and media companies. Completely dominated by professionals, this is a hosting service that knows the needs of people who regularly invest in promoting content. With over 80,000 customers, you can blindly trust WP Engine when it comes to handling servers for WordPress sites.

With top-of-the-line servers and a 60-day guarantee on any plan you purchase, WP Engine is the best in business when it comes to complete security and safeguards. Every single one of their plans is accompanied by the Genesis theme framework made specifically for WordPress. It also offers 35+ Premium StudioPress themes for your site. Buying these individually will cost you a lot of money, significantly more than what you will be paying for hosting your site at WP Engine. Global CDN is offered with every deal that you make.

WP Engine Pros and Cons

  • Your WordPress hosting will be completely hassle-free. You can singularly focus on the content that you create alongside means of advertisements.
  • Given their wonderful clientele, you know you can start scaling your website according to the needs and tastes.
  • SSD drives for their servers ensure that you have a lightning-fast experience.
  • You can avail the first four months of service free when signing up for the annual Startup, growth, and scale plans.
  • Alternatively, you can also get 20 percent off of your first month’s hosting fee.
  • It is definitely expensive for beginners, which always acts as a deterrent for people who want to start a commitment. With other WordPress hosting sites that are cheaper, there is a possibility that people might end up choosing the cheaper services.
  • It heavily narrows the scope for business if you opt for the basic plan. It only allows 25,000 visitors. This can be a real pain if your site suddenly takes off.

Their Basic Plan offers:

  • A maximum of 1 Website.
  • A maximum of 25k Visitors.
  • A cap on 10 GB Disk Space.
  • A maximum of 50GB Bandwidth.
  • A well-managed Service that does not allow you to worry about the technicalities.
  • The genesis framework talked about earlier and the 35+ StudioPress themes are available for free here as well.

7. Kinsta


30 CAD/month



Contact Details


Kinsta is a premium platform that offers their services to massive multinational corporations such as Ubisoft and Intuit. It  offers completely managed WordPress services to numerous websites of different standings, across the world. 

  • Complete management of WordPress hosting for businesses. 
  • Powered by the Google Cloud Platform to replicate similar speed and high security of Google’s search engine.
  • Ubisoft and Intuit are two of the biggest clients present in their rolodex. 

With over 18 data centers spread all over the globe, this Google cloud powered platform can definitely boast about their top-of-the-line service. They provide seamless site migration for which they do not charge a single penny. Apart from this, they have a pretty lucrative offer in their 30 days money back guarantee. If you do not like their services, you are free to get your money back.

With a dedicated support team present to help you round the clock, throughout the week, Kinsta’s WordPress hosting service is clearly a top performer. Its multi site and multi user feature puts this service a notch above the others. They too are giving out free SSL certificates and CDN.

Kinsta Pros and Cons

  • Easy and free website migratio
  • Works smoothly due to its base being the Google Cloud Platform.
  • It has gained the trust of some of  the biggest brands.
  • To maximize their speed, they rely on servers such as Nginx, LDX containers, and PHP 7.
  • Again, the initial price will possibly end up as an expensive  exercise for beginners.
  • The basic plan severely hinders a novice site’s growth by allowing only 20k visitors on the basic plan.

Their Basic Plan offers the following specs:

  • A maximum of 20k visitors are allowed.
  • A maximum of 5 GB SSD Storage is available.
  • A maximum of free 50 GB Bandwidth CDN can be accessed.
  • Free website migration will be arranged.
  • Automatic and careful daily backups will be made.

8. InMotion Hosting


3.99 CAD/month



Contact Details


Present in the market for quite some time, InMotion Hosting has solidified its name as a cornerstone in the hosting market. Its clientele ranges from very big to new businesses. Due to its long term presence, its name is quite synonymous with trust.

  • They offer a free and no-downtime website transfer for migrating.
  • They have a wonderful 90-day money-back guarantee that you can claim
  • You will be provided with SSD drives on any plan you pick.

With brilliant uptime, excellent speed, no nonsense performance, InMotion Hosting is by far one of the best platforms offering their services in Canada. The shared hosting plans that they have to offer come at very affordable rates for people who are just starting out. All of this is with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You can also enjoy multiple email accounts every time you pick a plan. They have diligent support staff working throughout the week to provide you with solutions over the phone, email as well as Skype.

InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons

  • Within the shared hosting plan there is the possibility of availing unlimited email hosting,  uncapped disk space, as well as unmetered bandwidth. 
  • It has priced itself dynamically for new entries into the market.
  • Free marketing tools are available and you can use their security suite with whichever plan you purchase.
  • Regular data backups in place.
  • One-click installation for software scripts like WordPress.
  • The features present here are not at par with other web hosting services.

Their Basic Plan offers these specs:

  • A maximum of 2 Websites.
  • No bounds on your SSD Disk Space.
  • No bounds on the Bandwidth.
  • Multiple Email Accounts.
  • Round the clock support.
  • Regular and quick backups.

9. HostGator


2.75 CAD/month



Contact Details


Probably because of their dirt cheap prices, HostGator, has become one of the most well recognized web hosting companies that offer wonderfully diverse web hosting services.

  • HostGator houses thousands of websites.
  • You will get a domain name registration for free the moment you pick a plan.
  • Extremely affordable pricing for everyone.

These are literally some of the cheapest plans that you will be able to find when it comes to hosting a website. HostGator provides an endless disk space with no cap on bandwidth amongst all shared hosting accounts. They are also capable of offering unlimited sub-domains, multiple FTP accounts, as well as parked domains.

Not only do they have a 45 day money back offer, they also provide subscribers with multiple email accounts. HostGator also takes care of all website transfering needs you might be wanting to access. The most basic plan that this company has to offer is also accompanied by limitless disk space along with unlimited bandwidth

Probably the best part of this platform is the fact that it provides you with advertising credits amounting to a $100. This can be cashed in both Bing as well as Google Adspaces.

HostGator Pros and Cons

  • HostGator provides limitless bandwidth, storage space, MySQL databases.
  • All Shared Hosting plans provide free website migration. 
  • A quick $100 in Bing and Google advertising credits the moment you sign up.
  • Smooth access to more than a 100 website scripts and software such.
  • A traditional cPanel control panel.
  • A dedicated support staff ready to guide and help you throughout the year with all your hosting related problems.
  • The prices for renewing the subscription is higher than signing up for the first time. Although it might be profitable in the long run, one bad quarter is all it takes to dissuade people from re-entering this space.

The Basic Plan for HostGator houses these Specs:

  • Limitless Storage Space at your service.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth at your disposal.
  • Multiple Email Accounts for your perusal.
  • Round the clock, around the year support staff.
  • Automatic and regular backups to keep your data safe.

10. Bluehost


2.95 CAD/month




Contact Details


Bluehost is a recommended web hosting service, one that has ‘s support behind it. Housing a community of individuals who use WordPress, the traffic that Bluehost receives on a daily basis is massive. Having been presented as a reliable site by one of the leaders in the content industry, it would be difficult not to put faith in a web hosting site like this.

  • Bluehost provides you with a free domain name the moment you sign up.
  • officially endorses this platform.
  • Many professional bloggers use BlueHost to host their successful and influential websites.

Catering to nearly 2 million websites all across the planet, Bluehost is adept at handling clients of all shapes and sizes. Since 2002, they have expanded their business to also account for shared hosting and managed hosting, WordPress hosting as well as put up dedicated servers for each of these things.

With affordable plans for new entrants, BlueHost provides a domain name along with an SSL certificate the moment you sign up for a deal. It also instantly hands out 50 GB of SSD storage space along with unmetered bandwidth,

It offers a sum total of 5 hosted email accounts on the basic plan. Each of these accounts have a storage capacity of 100 MB each. You can opt for their monthly, weekly, or daily backup services.

Their superior version of the cPanel control panel allows you to smoothly navigate and maintain your website. With a wonderful in-house support team, Bluehost is just a phone call away.

Bluehost Pros and Cons

  • You get a domain name registered for free. 
  • A sumtotal of 5 free email accounts are provided to you. 
  • Your website is backed up every day and every week.
  • 50 GB of SSD storage space is made available to you.
  • No limit on the bandwidth offered on any plan opted for.
  • Round the Clock, throughout the year support team ready to help.
  • The price to renew a subscription is higher than signing up.
  • The sumtotal of 5 email accounts  is also a con because it heavily restricts the number of people you can employ to handle the day to day affairs of your website.
  • They do not have any of their servers in Canada.

Their Basic Plan includes these Specs:

  • A maximum of 50 GB SSD Storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Round the clock tech support.
  • Completely automatic daily and weekly backups.
  • Absolutely free SSL certificates for your website along with a  CloudFlare CDN add on.

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