About Us

Welcome to Maple Loonie, we’re not your average news website which has tons of generic how to guides, news, lifestyle tips articles which you can access easily from other website. We provide content which is not readily available anywhere else on the internet.

We’re a firm believer in using VPN’s to not only keep our selves safe but, to unlock the world which is why you will see how we have a TON of articles on VPN’s, showing you how to remove geo IP restrictions and increasing your internet security and privacy.

We frequently post informational guides to help you achieve specific things. Mainly we focus on business but also look at trending topics to provide you with the best content possible.

Furthermore we provide an extensive buyers guide, exclusive coupon/discount codes for you to save your money, web hosting and business articles!

Our site is hosted outside of Canada but, we write specifically for a Canadian Audience. Sadly due to spam comments blocked off, we cannot answer specific questions based on geo ip restrictions and certain VPN.